Queensland University Destination Australia Scholarship for International students 2023/2024

Students from other countries who meet the entry requirements of a degree program offered by the University of Queensland and who wish to study there may be eligible for the Destination Australia Scholarship. This award is available to foreign students who attend the university on a full-time basis and meet the requirements.

The Department of Education under the Australian government, which is responsible for providing money for the Destination Australia scholarship program. This is in line with the national goal for internationalizing the educational system that is set to be implemented in 2025.

The following are the objectives of the award:

research should be encouraged and funded on a regional level. The development and growth of various regions of Australia has led to the establishment of an increasing number of higher institutions that offer local students a first-rate education.

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Both academic accomplishment and professional experience are taken into consideration when awarding scholarships based on merit. The maximum amount of time allowed to finish the program is four (4) years for both undergraduate and graduate students.

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Scholarship Summary

  • Benefactors: Destination Australia Scholarship/Funds
  • Enrolment status: intending University of Queensland student
  • Student type: International
  • Study level: Undergraduate, Postgraduate coursework
  • Study area: Agriculture and animal sciences, Science and mathematics
  • Scholarship focus: Academic excellence, abilities and capacities for employment, Difficulties in terms of finances, A rural or outlying area.
  • Scholarship value: (Australian Dollar) $15,000 per year.
  • Scholarship duration: Throughout the program’s duration (approximately 4 years)
  • Number awarded: Uncertain
  • Deadline: 14th June, 2023
Queensland University Campus, Australia.

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University Of Queensland Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

You’re eligible if you:

  • Are a student currently studying abroad.
  • Keep a valid student visa for the term of the scholarship.
  • Are a freshman in school.
  • Are current students or recent graduates of UQ who are switching to a new degree program (such as the Master’s after finishing the Bachelor’s).
  • Have complete acceptance to study an approved program delivered wholly at the UQ Gatton campus in 2023 (full acceptance is not required by the scholarship application deadline).

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And also:

  • Throughout the term of the scholarship, I want to study full-time in the Internal Study mode at UQ’s Gatton campus.
  • Participant’s primary residence must be in a regional area of Australia (as defined by the Australian Statistical Geography Standard Remoteness Structure 2016) for the term of the fellowship (Australian Bureau of Statistics).

And you’re starting any of the below programs in 2023:

  • Bachelor of Equine Science
  • Master of Animal Science
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Honors)
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Technology
  • Master of Agribusiness 
  • Bachelor of Agricultural Science
  • Master of Agricultural Science (Agronomy or Horticulture fields of study)
  • Bachelor of Wildlife Science
  • The Bachelor of Agribusiness/Master of Agricultural Science (Plant Protection specialization) dual degree is ineligible because only one of the degrees is offered on a full-time basis at the University of Queensland Gatton.

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Students who come from families with a low socioeconomic status (low-SES), are the first in their family to attend postsecondary education, and those who live with a disability are strongly advised to apply.

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How To Apply For University Of Queensland Scholarship

The application process for this scholarship is very straight forward. Forstz you need to complete the online application form (all related links will be added below this article).

Intending applicants will also submit a personal statement (statement if purpose) with 300 words limit. This will aid the scholarship committee in selecting the best applicants for this scholarship.

University Of Queensland Scholarship Selection criteria

The scholarship committee will give some thought to:

Eligibility based on academic merit in accordance with program guidelines Declaration of Personal Philosophy.

Your application will be evaluated at the University of Queensland with our commitment to diversity and inclusion being a primary consideration.

Your application will be reviewed as soon as it is received, and we will notify you of the results through email.

Official Website: Apply Here

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does University of Queensland give scholarships to international students?

Yes, scholarships are available to international (foreign) students who wish to further their educational journey at the university of Queensland, Australia. The Destination Australia Scholarship awards is a good example of international scholarship available at the UQ.

What is the destination Australia scholarship at the University of Queensland?

This scholarship is aimed at international students who wish to but are financially underprivileged to further their postsecondary education at the university of Queensland. Financial grants of about $15,000 (AUD) will be awarded to each successful candidate.

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Does University of Queensland give scholarships?

Yes, Queensland university provides certain Scholarships to ease tuition burden on international students, provided their grades are up to par with the required standard.


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