CrakRevenue Review: Legit Or Scam? [The Truth]

You must have seen outrageous claims about CrakRevenue from some influencers. People claiming to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars from this CPA affiliate network. But how realistic are these claims? What are the possibilities they have not been paid to promote the CrakRevenue affiliate network? And most importantly, is CrakRevenue legit or a scam?

Well, bhustle decided to carry out a first hand investigation about CrakRevenue to decode the entirety of this website. We researched various queries, claims and questions about crack revenue and our findings will amaze you.

So if you have been having a double edged mind towards crack revenue, then you surely will love to read this review article. Ensure to make use of the table of contents below to help you navigate through this article easily.

Note: Bhustle is in no way affiliated to CrakRevenue affiliate network. Hence, this article covers our deep findings and thoughts over the website.

What Is CrakRevenue?

CrakRevenue is a CPA affiliate network that has been in existence for over 10 years. Now there is quite a clear distinction between CPA marketing and affiliate marketing. However, CrakRevenue exhibits features of both CPA marketing and affiliate marketing. Hence, it is called a CPA affiliate network.

In case you don’t know what a CPA affiliate means, it simply denotes “Cost Per Action”. In this marketing network, people do not necessarily have to purchase a product before a commission is issued to the marketer as in the case of affiliate marketing.

However, in CPA affiliate marketing, marketers can get paid when their audience completes simple tasks like surveys, filling a form, shopping online etc.

As for affiliate marketing the users have to make a purchase of subscription before the affiliates are paid.

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CrakRevenue exhibits both features (affiliate and CPA marketing). CrakRevenue can also be defined as an advertisement network where individuals or brands can market their products/offers in exchange for profit/leads. Here is the official statement from CrakRevenue about their brand;

When we first started our business, we knew that by having the expertise and passion for developing new features and keen industry knowledge, we would be well ahead of the curve. More than 10 years later, we’ve become the largest, longest-running, most reputable & most trusted CPA network in the industry. We take great pride in bringing advertisers and affiliates together and providing the best offers to promote, with high calibre landing pages and the greatest monetization tools available on the market.”

How Does CrakRevenue Work?

There are two major working principles for the CrakRevenue affiliate network. Simply put, the way CrakRevenue works depends on what type of CrakRevenue user you are. In terms of user base, there are the Affiliates and the Advertisers.

For Affiliates;

📌 New users sign up and create new accounts. After a brief verification period, their applications are either rejected or approved.

📌 Affiliates who are accepted into CrakRevenue can now access the products/offers they can promote and earn from on CrakRevenue.

📌 After going through the offers/products and selecting the product of their choice, they copy the affiliate link and promote on their traffic sources (could be blogs, media theme pages, YouTube channels etc).

📌 Affiliates are paid a commission whenever their audience completed the demand of the offer.

📌 Affiliates can place withdrawals whenever they reach the withdrawal threshold of CrakRevenue.

For Advertisers;

📌 New users create new accounts (sign up as advertisers on CrakRevenue).

📌 After gaining access to their advertisers dashboard, they can now start there campaigns on CrakRevenue.

📌 Their offers are displayed on affiliates dashboard who further promotes them for conversion.

📌 Advertisers share revenue with affiliates whenever their product is sold.

The above are the basic working principles of the CrakRevenue affiliate network. It spans across both the advertisers and the CPA affiliates. There might be other functions of CrakRevenue but the above are the most important ones.

Is CrakRevenue Legit Or Scam?

To save you a lot of unnecessary research and assumptions, CrakRevenue is a legitimate website. CrakRevenue was established over a decade ago and has long been in existence.

Although CrakRevenue is legit,there are some major flaws about this affiliate website you should consider before signing up for them. These flaws will be listed below this article, but now let’s see the reasons being CrakRevenue’s legitimacy;

📌 Over a decade (10 years plus) of existence and experience.

📌 CrakRevenue claims to have made payments of over $250 million in earnings to its affiliates.

📌 CrakRevenue has an excellent review rating across various rating websites. On trustpilot CrakRevenue averages about 4.8 out of 5 stars, which is super incredible.

There might be other options but these are some of the solid reasons why we feel CrakRevenue is legit.

How To Sign Up For CrakRevenue

Follow this guide to be able to create an affiliate account on CrakRevenue;

👉 Go to OR click here to proceed to the affiliate registration page.

👉 Click on the menu icon at the top right side of the page.

👉 On the menu bar select the menu option “Sign Up“.

👉 Fill up the registration form that follows or simply create a new account using Google (your gmail account).

👉 CrakRevenue will send a confirmation link to your email address. Login to your email account and click the link sent to you.

👉 You will be redirected to a page similar to the one below to complete your registration. Fill up the necessary details and click on “Join CrakRevenue Now“.

After following the steps above, you will be put on a wait list. This is because CrakRevenue needs to review your application before approving your account. On average, it takes about 3 business days to receive a reply from CrakRevenue.

How To Get CrakRevenue Approval Fast

Getting approved on CrakRevenue can be very difficult and frustrating. A lot of individuals have been denied the opportunity to partner with CrakRevenue for yet unknown reasons.

Bhustle does not work for CrakRevenue nor do we have contact with any employee of CrakRevenue. But the tips listed below can give you a chance if getting approved by our own standards.

Note: The criteria of approval might vary, but the ones listed below are assumed to be the reason for most application rejections.

👉 Provide accurate and detailed information while filling the registration form.

👉 Have a quality website or blog that drives consistent traffic (or a YouTube channel with a lot views).

👉 For those without the above mentioned (website or blog) ensure to be active on other social media platforms.

👉 Adhering to their terms and conditions. Ensure you read through their terms and policies before applying.

Goodluck, although these criteria might jit be the exact match for what the Admins lookout for, these are the basic things potential affiliates should look out for when applying.

How To Make Money With CrakRevenue?

As long as an affiliate generates enough traffic from his/her traffic source, earning on CrakRevenue will be easy. The earning capacity on CrakRevenue is in fact the same as other affiliate networks.

👉 Affiliates log into their dashboard and access the available offers or verticals they want to promote.

👉 Affiliates go through the offers/products in the verticals they have selected and choose the offer they want to promote.

👉 If they offer requires approval from the owners/advertisers, then Affiliates can apply by writing a bit about how they intend to promote these offers for the advertisers.

👉 If not, affiliates can simply copy their affiliate link and proceed to promote these offers on their traffic sources.

👉 Affiliates receive a commission whenever their audience makes a purchase of the product or completes the demands of the offers (completing a survey, email submit etc).

👉 Affiliates receive their income after reaching the payment threshold of CrakRevenue.

CrakRevenue Payment Methods

CrakRevenue offers diverse payment methods to suit the variability of its users.  Affiliates can choose to be paid via Bitcoin, MassPay, Paxum, Paypal and Wire. For more context, here is the official text from CrakRevenue concerning pay systems;

“Affiliates on a Net 7 pay cycle also must reach a minimum payout of $500. CrakRevenue currently offers 5 payment methods. Affiliates can choose to be paid via Bitcoin, MassPay, Paxum, Paypal and Wire. Select the method that best suits your needs. As each method may not be equally available, feel free to contact us to check out your payment options. All commissions are paid in $USD.”

CrakRevenue Minimum Payout And Payment Proof

The minimum payout on CrakRevenue is $100. However, the minimum payout for wire transfer is $500. This is because of the higher charges taxed on the senders by the officiating monetary systems.

All other payment methods apart from wire transfer have a collective minimum payout of $100. In regards to payment, CrakRevenue has paid out over $250 million in affiliate earnings ever since its conception.

CrakRevenue claims to generate over $40 million yearly in affiliate earnings. These claims are proven in their trust pilot response to a reviewer who advised others to stay away from CrakRevenue, below is a screenshot of their response;


👍 CrakRevenue is a legitimate website to earn money online via affiliate marketing.

👍 CrakRevenue has paid out over $250 million in affiliate earnings since its existence.

👍 CrakRevenue offers affiliate account managers to help them better understand and navigate through the affiliate experience on CrakRevenue.

👍 Low withdrawal threshold as compared to other affiliate networks ($100).


👎 Promotes mostly adult content/offers which decay the moral decadence of society and social media.

👎 There seem to be a general issue of banning of affiliate accounts without prior notice on crakrevenue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does CrakRevenue pay daily?

No, crakrevenue offers two payment periods each month. The first one is from the 1st to the 15th, and the second one is from the 16th until the end of the month. When it comes to when you get paid, it depends on your payment terms. You’ll receive your money either 7, 15, or 30 days after the payment period ends. Crakrevenue works really hard to make sure you get your cash as soon as possible

Who is the CEO of CrakRevenue?

CrakRevenue was founded in 2010 by Nick Chretien. The CEO started as an affiliate in his flat, simply promoting the best videos he could find online.

Where is CrakRevenue located?

CrakRevenue’s major headquarters is located in Sarasota, Florida, United States of America.

Final Verdict

When it comes to CPA offers and affiliate products, crakrevenue is no doubt one of the best in the industry. On this note, Bhustle rates crakrevenue 3 out of 5 stars.

The reason is simply because Bhustle does not support the promotion of vogue or overly exposing contents. And these happen to be the core features/offers of crakrevenue.

Overall, crakrevenue has won multiple awards as the best CPA affiliate marketing network across various platforms. This further implies that it is growing in strength, trust and recognition. There are tons of other websites like crakrevenue, simply Click Here to see more high payout websites you can sign up for.


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