How To Register And Earn Money On Scooper News

Have you been looking for a way to register on scooper news as a content writer and earn passive income from your articles? Well do not worry because today I’m going to show you the steps needed in successfully creating a scooper PGC account and most importantly how much you can earn as a writer on scooper news.

I personally have worked as a content writer on scooper news for a period of about 9 months of which I was able to make my first six figures as a teenager from this great website. So be rest assured that you are going to be learning from a person with experience about the scooper news application.

Scooper News Earnings

Now before we proceed it is important to note some few important background tips about scooper news. Before working for any company, you obviously should know little about them. (You can use the table of contents below to help navigate through the article).

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What Is Scooper?

Scooper is a popular news and media website that shares daily trends and happenings across all spheres of entertainment, political, entrepreneurship updates to its users across the globe. The platform was formerly known as eagle news before they rebranded to the now famous scooper news application.

Scooper news is regarded as the second largest news website in nigeria closely trailing behind the very popular opera news app. Over the course of the years, scooper news has gained over 10 million app downloads from google play store with an overall positive rating of 4.3 out of 5

This makes scooper news an entirely moderate and user friendly website.

Scooper News Google Play Rating

Most interestingly, scooper news has hired thousands of creators who contribute daily to the millions of contents which they have on their website and application. The best part is that they are still hiring new creators and in this guide, I’ll show you how to apply as a creator on scooper news and earn money for each article you publish on their website.

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Requirements To Join Scooper News As An Article Writer

The following are some of the most important things you must take note of before you are accepted as a writer on scooper news. Failure to adhere to these rules might lead to an application denial by the scooper team.

  • You must have a working bank account. This is very important because scooper news does not pay your earnings to another account except the account is registered in your name. A lot of scooper news writers have faced the challenge of not being paid simply because the name on the account number they submitted is different from the name they used in registering as a writer on scooper news.
  • You Must Have A Sample Content Before You Are Accepted. Just like any job offer which requires the potential employees ‘level of experience, while applying as a writer on scooper news, you will be asked to provide a sample of an article you have written in the past. So do ensure to have an article on the side before proceeding to the application form.
  • There Is No Age Barrier On Scooper News. Whether you are 18 years and above or 18 years and below, you are welcome on scooper news provided you can write and heed to their policies. Recall I told you that I made my first six figures whilst I was still below 18? Well the platform I used is scooper news.

Watch me create a scooper account live:

How To Register On Scooper News

The registration process on scooper news is very simple and straightforward. Simply follow the instructions below to get started immediately.

  • First, visit the scooper news application form. 
  • Read through the short important notice the scooper team has written down for you before you proceed to fill in your credentials.
Scooper News Writers Guideline
  • On the registration form, fill in your correct name (the same name which you used in creating your working bank account, this is to avoid payment complications in the future).
  • The next thing is to select your country. Currently scooper news is only supported in nine countries, which include: Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Pakistan, Tanzania, Uganda, Indonesia and مصر.
Scooper News Registration Form
  • Fill in your current phone number in the next tab. Ensure not to click on the “send” button until you are done filling up the form (This is because the verification pin that will be sent to your mobile device expires after 60 seconds).
  • Enter your working email address. Your application status (whether approved or declined) will be sent to the email address you input in this field. Also if your account is approved, your login details including your username and password will be sent to this email address.
  • On the next tab, input your career or your current job.
Scooper News Sign Up Process
  • On the next field which is the job description level, you are expected to give a little background of your writing experience outside the scooper platform. You can tell them the writing projects you have completed in the past, etc.
  • Finally, The writing sample is where you upload a sample of an article you have written in the past. Take note that the article must be in a PDF/word/txt file. You can simply install the WPS office app from Google play store, write an article and convert it to either of the above formats, then come back and upload the sample here (less than or equal to 2mb in size).
Scooper News Sign Up Process
  • At this juncture you can now scroll back up and request to verify your phone number by clicking on the “send” button just below the phone number area. Some digits will be sent to your mobile device from scooper news which you are expected to input in the box labeled “verification code”. Then quickly scroll down before the 60 seconds timer hits zero and click on the “submit” button.
Scooper News Submit Button

Congratulations! You have successfully applied as a content writer on scooper news. It takes typically between 2 hours to a few weeks to get a reply from the scooper news team about your application status. Feel free to apply again if you do not receive any response after some time.

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How Much Does Scooper News Pay?

The payment per article on scooper news depends on the level the writer is. There are four levels of article writing on scooper news with different payment per article for each level.

 For level A writers (which is the highest level) you earn $1 per published article on scooper news. For level B writers (which is the standard level) you will earn $0.80 per published article. Level C writers earn $0.60 per published article on scooper news. Finally, level D writers earn $0.40 per article on scooper news.

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Scooper News Payment Per Article

You earn between $1.2 to $1.6 per article if your article is considered an “in depth article”, this is applicable to all writers irrespective of your level on scooper news.

Note:  Scooper news gives different writing levels based on your writing and article performance on their website. The more quality content you publish on scooper news, the higher your writing level is increased and simultaneously, the more money you make per article as seen above.

Level ALevel BLevel CLevel D
200 Articles/Month150 Articles/Month100 Articles/Month50 Articles/Month

When Does Scooper News Pay?

Scooper news pays their writers between the 1st and 20th of the following month. This means that payments for articles written in January will be distributed between the 1st and 20th of February.

Sometimes payments can come very early and other times it might come late. But be rest assured that you will definitely be paid for all your hardwork in the previous month.

How Does Scooper News Pay?

Scooper news pays through direct bank transfers. The equivalent of the money you have earned, which is recorded in dollars in your scooper dashboard, will be sent in your local currency directly to your bank account. So assuming you earned $100 in January from scooper news, using their exchange rate of #460 per $1 you will receive N46,000 in your Nigerian local account.

To receive direct bank deposits from scooper, you need to fill in their payment form (this form is different from the registration form). When you have successfully created a scooper account and gotten approved, you can fill the payment form HERE.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Scooper News

How Does Scooper News Make Money?

Scooper news makes money through advertisements placed on their websites. This includes sponsored advertisements from private individuals or companies alongside advertisements from Google AdSense.

Does Scooper News Pay?

Yes, scooper news pays its writers. Some reports even have it that scooper news also pays its readers for completing certain tasks such as reading a certain number of articles daily etc. On the contrary, scooper news pays its article writers for every article they publish.

Is Scooper News Legit?

Yes, scooper news is legit. Unlike other short lived ponzi schemes, scooper news does not require you to make any monetary investments. Registration on scooper is completely free and you have absolutely nothing to lose even if the company decides to shut down.

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Does Scooper News Pay For Reading?

This is an unconfirmed report. However, some sources claim scooper pay to read articles. The only confirmed payment scooper news makes is to its writers who are being paid for every post they publish on scooper news.

Scooper Hasn’t Paid Me, What Should I Do?

Quickly contact their support group either through their official email address or better still lay your complaint to their admins on WhatsApp. They will quickly attend to you and resolve your payment issues.


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  1. I’ve submitted an article for my application before on scooper but it was rejected. I don’t really know the kind of article I should use for my application

    1. I will advice you to write a very detailed health related article. I suggest this niche because its very vital and provide lots of value. Hopefully you will vet approved.

      Also check your email spam box because sometimes the replies go directly to your spam folder.

  2. I’m have written countless application for scooper news I need help can you tell me how you got approved how many attempts you made

    1. My first attempt was approved way back in 2021. But things have changed now mainly because of the high inflow of applications. Also try checking your spam box (in email) because some messages are redirected there.

  3. I have already written my application for scooper news on Friday yet I have never get any responses in my email adress

  4. I have apply on scooper news like twice and none of the applications has be replied to, and I heard that they reply an application after 3 business days, and for 2 weeks now I haven’t heard anything, so what should be the problem?

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