Review: Legit Or Scam? [Truth Revealed] is a Nigerian website where users can earn money by performing daily tasks via the platform. 

This article provides an in-depth knowledge of; so if you wish to know more about the platform, read on. 

What is is a microtasking platform where users can perform petty internet tasks and earn cash rewards. presents users with the opportunity to earn a relatively tangible amount of money with just a mobile phone and internet connection. 

According to Freebyz, users can make an impressive N10,000 daily by consistently performing tasks on the platform. Some of the tasks you can perform on Freebyz are; referring others to join the platform, engaging on Freebyz social media post, etc. 

 How Does Work? 

Here is a simple breakdown of how works;

1. Sign Up

The first step to begin earning on Freebyz is to visit the website and clicking the sign up button. To visit, search the website on your mobile browser and click the appropriate search result. 

Once you can access the welcome page of the website, look for a “get started” button and click on it, this will give you an onscreen form to fill. Once you are able to fill the sign up form completely and pay a membership fee, you are granted full access to 

2. Perform Tasks and Earn

After signing up and gaining access to, you can immediately start performing tasks available on the website. Each tasks on have fixed earnings attached to them. 

You can perform multiple tasks on the website daily to maximize your earnings; this means the more tasks you perform, the more earnings you have on 

Some of’s most popular paying tasks are referral and social media engagement tasks. 

3. Withdraw Earnings

When your earnings have accumulated to a reasonable amount on Freebyz, you can withdraw them from your Freebyz wallet to your personal bank account. 

Is Legit? 

Yes, is a legit way to make money online by performing simple microtasks. The N2000 withdrawal threshold on the platform makes it quite easy for users to withdraw their earnings easily. 

How to Sign Up on 

To sign up on, follow these easy steps; 

1. Search for on your mobile browser

2. Look for the “get started” button on the home page

3. Fill the onscreen form

4. Make sure you read their terms and conditions and agree by ticking the tiny box just below the form

5. Click “register” 

6. Take and complete the survey on the next page to continue with your registration. 

7. When you have answered on the questions in the survey, click “complete” and continue. 

After successfully signing up on, you will be required to verify your account with a payment of N1050 if you wish to do jobs that pay in Naira and $5 if you wish to do jobs that pay in dollars on the platform. 

How to Verify Your Account

Without verifying your account on Freebyz, you cannot get access to available jobs on the platform. This section of the article provides a simple guide on how to verify your account on; 

1. Create your account with the platform

2. Go to the dashboard 

3. Fund your wallet by paying to the funding account provided in the dashboard (you can copy the account details for easy transaction)

4. Once you have successfully funded your account, your verification money will be deducted from there. 

How to Earn on 

There are basically two ways to earn money on; in this section of the article, we will broadly discuss these two ways. 

1. Make Money by Referring

One major way to make money on is by participating in their referral program. Once you can successfully invite your friends to join the platform, you will be rewarded. 

You earn N500 for every person you refer on You can refer multiple people to the platform daily, the more people you refer to the platform, the more earnings you accumulate. 

2. Make Money Performing Tasks

Another way to make money on Freebyz is by performing tasks on the platform. There are a lot of tasks available on daily on Once you become a verified user on the platform, you can begin performing tasks on the platform.

Each available tasks on Freebyz have their distinct earnings attached to them. Before taking a task, you will be able to see the pay attached to it on the tasks dashboard. You can perform multiple tasks on the dashboard to maximize your earnings, the more tasks you take on Freebyz, the more money you accumulate on your wallet. 

How to Withdraw Earnings on 

You can withdraw your earnings on Freebyz at any time in Naira or Dollars. The platform pays out every Friday to your provided bank account and via Paypal. The minimum withdraw fund is ₦2,500 (or $5 via Paypal).

To withdraw your earnings on;

1. Login to your account

2. Click the three lines above the page 

3. Scroll down wallet

4. Click on withdraw funds 

5. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw 

6. Enter your preferred medium of withdrawal 

7. Click withdraw. 

If your withdrawal is successful, your account will be credited as soon as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 

Is legit?

Yes, Freebyz is a legit platform where users make legit money by performing microtasks online, the platform have been existing since 2018, a prove that it has stood the test of time. 

How much can I earn on

According to Freebyz, you can earn as much as N10,000 daily on the platform, this of course depends largely on your dedication and consistency on the site 

Who can sign up and earn on

Anybody with a mobile phone can sign up on and earn on the platform. 

What currency does pay in?

Freebyz pays in both dollar and Naira.

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1. The earnings on are not exaggerated.

2. is legit and has been around for quite a number of years. 

3. There are multiple tasks to perform on 

4. Referring is not a prerequisite for withdrawal on

5. There are more than one withdrawal options on 


1. is not free, users are required to pay a verification fee of N1050 to get verified and start applying for jobs on the platform. 

Final Verdict is a legit way to make money online by performing simple tasks. If you are looking for a means of income or a side hustle, can play both roles. The amount of money you make on the platform is subject to the amount of time and effort you put performing tasks on the platform. 

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