Teckmine.com Review: Legit or Scam 

Teckmine.com is no doubt one of the longest paying Investment websites in Nigeria presently. Launched in August 2023, this platform has proven to stand the test of time for a record 3 months +. But does this make teckmine legit?

There has to be over one thousand and one online paying sites in Nigeria right now (I am exaggerating but I might just be right, lol). From time to time, new platforms with different schemes. 

It is difficult to tell which of these many paying sites are legit and which are scam, that is why we write these articles to give you insights based on our experiences and research. 

Today we will be reviewing Teckmine.com with special attention on its level of authenticity and the features of the platform. 

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What is Teckmine.com?

Teckmine.com is one of the latest ponzi scheme to launch in Nigeria. The platform is centred around cryptocurrency and offers mining machines for rent and lease with daily returns on investments. 

The platform is similar to CSTmine which was launched late last year and eventually crashed some time early this year. Teckmine was launched in August this year and is said to be owned by the same person that owned CSTmine (so basically CSTmine and Teckmine are identical twins born at different times). 

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How Does Teckmine.com Work? 

It is quite simple; Teckmine requires users to be registered on the platform before getting access to its features. Once you are fully registered on the platform, you can choose your preferred way to earn money.

The major way to earn on Teckmine is through investment on their miners. There are several mining machines on the platform which are available for rent or purchase. The machines for rent are quite cheaper and shorter in duration while the ones up for purchase are more expensive with longer duration. 

Once you invest in a miner, you will start getting your return on investment on a daily basis. Teckmine investors are required to keep logging in to the platform everyday to activate their machines, this is the only way you can earn from it, the day you fail to activate the machine, you will not earn that day.

Another way to make money on Teckmine is through referrals and also daily check in. On Teckmine, your earnings are transferred to your tech wallet until you are ready to withdraw. 

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Is Teckmine.com Legit or Scam?

Teckmine is a ponzi scheme, no doubt. Just like its older brother, CSTmine, the platform is bound to crash sooner or later. It is advisable you tread with caution on the platform and invest only what you can bear to lose to avoid regrets. 

How to Register on Teckmine.com

If you are interested in joining the Teckmine community, here is a very easy step by step instructions to guide you; 

👉 Click here to proceed to the teckmine sign up page.

2. Fill up the sign up page with your accurate information including your phone number, password and upline code (5B93TY) as seen below; 

3. Complete your registration by clicking on  “SIGN UP“.

4. Congratulations 👏, you have successfully created your teckmine account. You can now invest and earn with teckmine.com

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How to Make Money on Teckmine.com

There are three basic ways to make money on Teckmine; 

1. Miners investment

This is the major way to earn money on the platform. It involves users depositing money on the platform to rent cryptocurrency mining machines. When you invest on a machine(s), you get daily ROI on the platform.

2. Referral

Another way you can earn money on Teckmine is through referrals. You earn a percentage of your referrals’ income when they invest on the platform. You can also build a team through referrals on Teckmine, a team consisting of at least 15 persons who have rented or purchased a miner on the platform. 

3. Through Daily Check in

You can as well make money on Teckmine by checking in daily on the platform. 

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Teckmine Investment Plans

There are several machines you can invest on on Teckmine, each with their own prices and packages. Here are the different investment plans and their returns on Teckmine; 

Mining PlanDOITotal Income Valid Period Price Action
Micro machine-SC N350N800025 daysN4000Lease 
Cloud Computing KD LITEN380N1710045 days9600Lease
Cloud Computing-A1026N300N36000120 daysN17500Lease 
Bitcoin Miner S19kN800N4800060 daysN22000Lease
ETH Jasminer X4₦2100N766500365 daysN256000Purchase
Bitcoin Miner S19j XP₦3150N1149750365 daysN385000Purchase
On-rack Miner₦4600N1679000365 days N572000Purchase
BTC Miner KDAN3000N1095000365 days N328000Purchase 

How to Recharge your Teckmine Wallet 

Your Teckmine wallet needs to have sufficient balance before you can be able to purchase or rent a message. The minimum amount you can invest on Teckmine is N4000 and the maximum is N328000. Here is how to top up your Teckmine wallet with any amount you desire;

1. After you have logged in to Teckmine.com click ‘my’ on the home page 

2. Go to deposit 

3. Enter the amount you want to deposit 

4. Click on “pay immediately” 

5. The next screen will display the account details you are to pay to, copy the account number and make your deposit via online transfer or mobile app 

6. After making your payment, log back into the website and click on “reconfirm payment” 

7. After a successful confirmation of payment, you will be redirected to the Techmine site where you can now choose the different machines you wish to invest in. 

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How to Rent or Purchase Mining Machines on Teckmine.com

Once you have recharged your wallet on Techmine, you can choose to invest on as many machines as your deposited money can let you.

Here is a simple step by step guide on how to invest on machines on Techmine.com;

1. Login to Techmine

3. On your home screen, the different packages and their details will be displayed

4. Select your preferred investment packages by clicking “rent now” 

5. After you have purchased your preferred investment packages, you are required to be logging in to the site everyday to click “start”. 

How to Make Money from Referrals on Teckmine

To also earn through referrals on Teckmine, you would have to invite people to the website through your personal link. 

here is how to get your referral like on Teckmine; 

1. Login to the app

2. Go to ‘team’ at the bottom of the homepage. 

3. A referral link will be displayed on the next page, copy the link and share it to your friends.

Once your referral successfully registers on Teckmine, you will be given 10% of his deposit and 3% of his earnings. 

You can also get weekly payment from your team (your referrals) on Teckmine. This is largely dependent on your performance as a team and how much investment you all have made. 

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How to Make Money on Teckmine.com Through Daily Check Ins

This is the easiest way to make money on Teckmine, all you just have to do is to log in to the website daily and locate the ‘check in’ button, click it and return to reclick it everyday to earn. Your first check in earnings is N5 and will increase as your check in consecutively. 

How to Withdraw Your Earnings on Teckmine

The minimum withdrawal on Teckmine is N1000. A 17% withdrawal fee will be deducted from your money. However, if you want to avoid paying withdrawal charges on Teckmine, then you would have to withdraw on the first day of every month. This is because the first of every month is a free withdrawal day on the platform. Another thing to keep in mind is that Techmine’s withdrawal days are only weekdays

To withdraw your earnings on Teckmine, locate the withdrawal page, and input your bank details. Your money will be sent to you within 24 hours. 

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Pros of Teckmine.com

These are the advantages of Teckmine.com; 

✅ The platform is transparent with charges on transactions

✅ It has a user friendly interface 

✅ It offers high return on investments 

✅ It offers a very easy way to earn money

✅ It pays real money 

Cons of Teckmine.com

These are some of the cons of Teckmine.com

❌ It is a ponzi scheme and is most likely not to last long

❌ It requires money before you can earn from it (unlike other paying sites in Nigeria)

❌ Its withdrawal charges are quite outrageous

❌ Again, it is not trustworthy. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Is Teckmine.com.legit?

Of course not, it is quite obvious the platform is a ponzi scheme and can crash anytime.

What currency does Teckmine.com pay in?

Teckmine pay in Naira 

Does Teckmine deal with cryptocurrency?

The platform is centred on cryptocurrency mining machines. Investors lease or purchase miners which they rent out to people on a daily basis.

How much can I invest in Teckmine.com?

The minimum you can invest on Teckmine is N4000 and the maximum is about N328000 

Does Techmine.com pay real money?

Yes! Teckmine pay their users their ROI 

Is Teckmine and CSTmine the same?

Quite the same but different.

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Final Verdict

Like all ponzi schemes, Teckmine.com might crash without warning, so be careful how much you invest on the platform to avoid running at a big loss. 

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Kindly leave your questions, contributions or confusions in the comments box below, peace.


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