Review: Legit Or Scam?

If you have growing doubts about the legitimacy status of then this review article is for you.

Is trustworthy? How accurate are the earnings that their supposed investors showcase on social platforms? While the withdrawal screenshots seem genuine, does that verify the legitimacy of In this review article, we’ll delve into these and other important queries about Pro.morelife. 

There are lots of arising questions about this platform which we shall address in this article some include; is legit? When was launched? What is the minimum withdrawal amount on Will crash? What is the minimum investment amount on And so much more!

Note: We are not under any sponsorship/partnership deal from to write this review article. We simply carried out our research and penned down our findings. We do encourage you to carry out your own personal research where necessary.

We urge you to make use of the table of contents below to help you navigate through this article with relative ease. If you have any questions or contributions regarding the platform feel free to ask them in the comments section below. Without wasting more time, let’s begin!

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What Is claims to be an oxygen distribution company. According to data from their About Us Page, they claim to have been founded as far back as 1892.

Added to this audacious claim, they equally claim to have made over $9 Billion in sales through their service rendering with oxygen. From all indications, we can clearly see that most of these facts are either heavily exaggerated or plain lies. Below is an extract;

Since our founding in 1892, we’ve been defining what’s possible in Oxygen supply chains for customers and partners around the world.

We’ve grown to over $9 billion in sales by providing reliable and diverse supply chain solutions for end users and suppliers of Oxygen, Oxygen Tubes, Oxygen Bands and Oxygen Machines, with our networks and innovations in international trade and transportation.

Our more than 1,400 employees operate from over 100 offices, Oxygen Macines and processing facilities in North America and Asia. No matter where we work, everyone at More Life is committed to innovation and integrity in the business of buying, selling, storing, handling, processing and transporting Oxygen and its Machines.”

Pro.morelife.ngg was launched in September 2023 (between 30th to 2nd November). The domain name “” was registered on the 30th of September 2023 according to statistics from Whois domain checker. However, the name of the registrar (owners/founders) was concealed.

Before addressing the elephant on the desk, let’s quickly see how this platform works in order to understand how their investors or users are paid.

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How Does Work?

The four step process explains clearly how the investment website works:

📍 Registration Process; Users sign up and create a new account. This is free of charge.

📍 Investment: Here the user buys into any of the available  investment plans on Pro.morelife. The least expensive plan costs N5000 while the most expensive costs N200,000.

📍 Withdrawal Stage: At this stage the user can request for withdrawals provided he/she has met the minimum withdrawal amount of N500.

As you can see, the entire working process of Pro.morelife is as simple and direct as possible. But, is legit or just another undercover scam? Well, let’s find out.

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Is Legit Or A Scam?

In short, our investigation found that isn’t a real investment site, but seems more like a Ponzi scheme. Here’s why:

❌ They don’t share info about the owners, keeping their identity hidden on the Whois Domain checker.

❌ Unreal/no realistic Investment products.

❌ Their focus on referral-based marketing looks a lot like a Ponzi scheme.

❌ Other similar sites has all needed up crashing.

These are some big warning signs we spotted at Bhustle about this platform. Even though is new, we think it might last for a while before disappearing completely.

Therefore, if you still make up your mind to join the train ( ensure to do so with income you are ready and willing to lose at any given point in time.

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How To Register On Pro.morelife

👉 CLICK HERE to proceed to the registration page.

👉 Fill up the sign up form with your accurate information including your phone number and password.

👉 You will be required to verify your phone number before completing your registration.

👉 Complete your registration by clicking on “SIGN UP” below the screen.

👉 You will be required to login to your newly created account to gain access to your dashboard.

👉 If you input the correct information, you will automatically be taken to your user dashboard which means you have successfully created your account.

Now that we have seen exactly how you can register/sign up on, the next stage is the actual investment stage. Follow the steps below to get started.

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How To Invest On

👉 Login to your Pro.morelife account.

👉 Click on the menu option EQUIPMENT below the screen to access the investment plans.

👉 The minimum investment plan costs N5000 while the most expensive plan costs N200,000.

👉 To purchase an investment plan, click on the button “VIEW” below the investment plan to see more detailed insight of the plan.

👉 Confirm your purchase by clicking on the blue RENT button below the page.

👉 Your purchase will be processed automatically.

Congratulations 👏, you have made your first investment on platform. By default your earnings will be reflected on your dashboard after 24 hours of making your investment purchase.

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How To Deposit/Recharge Your Account

👉 Sign in to your Pro.morelife account.

👉 Select the menu option My Wall below the page.

👉 on the profile page click/select RECHARGE.

👉 The minimum Recharge amount is N5000. Amounts lesser than this will not be processed.

👉 Select any of the Payment Methods, available. Then click RECHARGE.

👉 Copy the account details provided in the payment form and make a one time deposit of the amount.

👉 After a successful deposit, click on the white button I HAVE MADE THE PAYMENT to process your payment.

Congratulations 👏, you have successfully made your first deposit on “”. Your earnings will be reflected shortly after it has been validated by the Pro.morelife team (this takes less than 5 minutes).

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How To Make Money On Pro.morelife

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How To Withdraw Earnings On

👉 Sign in to your account.

👉 On the homepage click MY WALL menu icon below the screen.

👉 On the profile page select the option WITHDRAW.

👉 Input the amount of money you want to withdraw under the section marked WITHDRAWAL AMOUNT.

👉 Finalise your withdrawals by clicking on “WITHDRAW” below the screen.

👉 The minimum withdrawal amount is N500.

Your withdrawal will be processed immediately. Depending on when the withdrawal was placed, it will arrive less than 24 hours after placing your withdrawal request.

>>>>>>>>>>>> REGISTER NOW <<<<<<<<<<<< Investment Plans And Potential Earnings

📍 ML-1 Plan : N5000 to earn N300 daily return on investment for about 40 days.

📍ML-2 Plan: N7800 to earn N420 daily return on investment for 35 days.

📍 ML-3 Plan: N10300 to earn N650 daily return on investment for 34 days.

📍 ML-4 Plan: N15,500 to earn N800 daily return on investment for 38 days.

📍 ML-5 Plan: N25,000 to earn N1100 daily return on investment for 46 days.

📍 ML-6 Plan: N33,000 to earn N1600 daily return on investment for 39 days.

📍 ML-7 Plan: N47,500 to earn N2000 daily return on investment for 45 days.

📍 ML-8 Plan: N55,000 to earn N2800 daily return on investment for 39 days.

📍 ML-9 Plan: N70,000 to earn N3900 daily return on investment for 38 days.

📍 ML-10 Plan: N108,000 to earn N5400 daily return on investment for 40 days.

📍 ML-11 Plan: N150,000 to earn N7600 daily return on investment for 40 days.

📍 ML-12 Plan: N185,500 to earn N8200 daily return on investment for 45 days.

📍 ML-13 Plan: N200,000 to earn N9000 daily return on investment for 45 days.

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Final Verdict

Finally we urge interested people to only register on with money they are willing to lose. Always remember that as long as the missing items dictated in this article about Pro.morelife are not stipulated, it remains a ponzi scheme. Do ensure to thread wisely!

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Kindly leave your questions, contributions or confusions in the comments box below, peace.


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