NGAWIN Payment Proofs: [₦560k Earning Proof]

In this article we have gathered a list of some of the most massive payments/earnings so far on Ngawin. We understand clearly that a lot of individuals need to validate the payment proofs of Ngawin before going to this platform.

Well search no more, because in this article we shall be revealing some of the most mouth watering earnings from influencers/users of Ngawin.

Note: It is important to note that Bhustle is not under any paid sponsorship to write this article. We simply carried out our research and penned down our findings.

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How Much Can You Make On Ngawin

Before we start looking at some individual earning records from Ngawin, let’s deal with the overall earning question about Ngawin. How much can you make from Ngawin? This question has buggled the mind of many, however this article promises to reveal the truth.

On Ngawin, your earning is mostly determined by odds. An odd is a number by which your initial stake is multiplied to give your earnings. So assuming, I bet ₦1000 and played a crash game on Ngawin. Assuming I won the game and the game odds was 5.2x, it means my final winnings is ₦1000 X 5.2, which results in ₦5200.

With this said, you can see clearly that there is no definite amount to earn on Ngawin. The amount you win is dependent on the game odds and the amount of money you stake/bet. In this light, we have seen individuals win as high as ₦1.4 million playing just one game, the individual and earning proof has been provided in this article.

With that said and clarified, let’s start seeing some earnings shall we?

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Andy Ngawin Earning Proofs

Andy is a Facebook influencer with over 10,000 followers on Facebook. He was one of the earliest influencer and promoter of using his Facebook page. So far so good he has made quite a reasonable sum which he updates his followers about. Below is a screenshot of his withdrawal earnings;

Precious Ben Ngawin Earnings

Precious Ben is yet another Facebook influencer with a massive audience. Her personal Facebook page alone boasts of over 15,000 followers while her page (Her) has a massive 100,000+ followers on Facebook.

Precious Ben shared just one screenshot of her earnings on Ngawin. She had a balance of about ₦23,000+ all earned balances on Ngawin. Although we suspect she must have earned way more than this, we have to work with the concrete proof we have at hand.

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Udeaze Gozie Ngawin Earning Proofs

Udeaze Gozie Stan is a massive influential Facebook personality. He has over 29,000+ followers and was one of the contestants in the previous Yorochi community fashion contest.

Gozie was also one of the very first people to talk about Ngawin and his earnings on the platform. He earned approximately ₦70,000 in one day from Ngawin! Although he didn’t share screenshots from his dashboard, he is known for his honesty and straightforwardness. Below is a screenshot about his earnings;

Uwaoma Susan Joseph Earnings

Uwaoma Susan is a Facebook influencer with over 35,000 Facebook followers. She was one of the core promoters of Nigeria777 and BBRFUN. Susan shocked her fanbase a few days ago after winning over ₦1.4 million on Ngawin.

She wasn’t just bluffing amounts up but backed this with solid proof and also her bank alert screenshot. The pictures will be provided below. Susan is one of the few individuals that has accumulated over ₦2 million across BBRFUN and Ngawin.

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So now that we have seen some quite inspiring earning figures, I’m very sure you are convinced to try Ngawin out. In that case, follow the steps provided below to get started on Ngawin immediately.

How To Sign Up On NGAWIN

👉 Click HERE to proceed to the Ngawin sign up form.

👉 Fill up the form with your correct information. Input your phone number and password where necessary.

👉 Agree to the terms and conditions and click on the yellow “Sign Up” button.

👉 Congratulations👏, you have successfully created your Ngawin account.

We can both agree that the registration process was a breeze. However, the rather confusing stage is the deposit stage. As you must have known by now, you need to stake money before playing games on Ngawin. Being that it’s basically a gamble, you can double (or even triple) your staked  amount if you win.

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Final Verdict

On a concluding note we urge you to also go through our review on Ngawin. There are currently lots of other upcoming platforms like Ngawin some of which we have talked about on our website.

Click here to get started on BBRFUN if you haven’t already. Meanwhile, you can check out a host of websites where you can earn money from using your smartphone by clicking Here. Feel free to ask your questions in the comment section below, peace.

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