How To Play NGAWIN Games [Win 3X Your Bet]

In this article we will be teaching you exactly how to play some games on the new Ngawin website.  NGAWIN as you might already know is the latest game betting site in Nigeria swiftly behind BBRFUN.

And as usual, the hype is all around. However, many people/users do not know how to play some vital games on Ngawin. And goodness, because this article which includes some videos (for better understanding) will teach you just how you can play these games.

As a bonus we shall also be revealing to you, based on our evaluation, the best time to play and also the best games to play on Ngawin. Before we proceed please read the prompt below:

Note: It is important to note the Bhustle is  not in any paid partnership with Ngawin to write this article. We carried out our investigation and brought you our findings.

Just in case you haven’t signed up yet on Ngawin, kindly follow the prompts below to get started before we proceed. 

How To Sign Up For NGAWIN

👉 Click HERE to proceed to the BBRFUN sign up form.

👉 Fill up the form with your correct information. Input your phone number and password where necessary.

👉 Agree to the terms and conditions and click on the yellow “Sign Up” button.

👉 Congratulations👏, you have successfully created your BBRFUN account.

We can both agree that the registration process was a breeze. However, the rather confusing stage is the deposit stage. As you must have known by now, you need to stake money before playing games on BBRFUN. Being that it’s basically a gamble, you can double (or even triple) your staked  amount if you win.

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How To Deposit/Fund Your Ngawin Account

Before we get started it is important to note that the minimum deposit amount is ₦2000. Some can deposit higher, it all depends on your financial strength and how much you are willing to play with;

👉 Login to your ngawin account.

👉 Click on the deposit icon at the bottom of the screen. Located in between the menu options.

👉 Select the currency/mode of payment you want to make use of. Fiat represents using bank transfers (real money). Crypto represents payments using crypto currencies (bitcoin, ethereum etc).

👉 Select the amount of money you want to deposit.

👉 Click on “Deposit ₦2000” or any amount of your choice. 

👉 Confirm your deposit amount on the tab that pops up. Automatically, you will be redirected to a page containing the platform’s official bank details. Copy the details and make the transfer of ₦2000 (or any amount you chose) to the company.

👉 After successful payment, come back to the BBRFUN website. You’d notice that the ” Confirm Deposit ” button will change to “I Have Paid”. Click on it and await confirmation from the administrators.

👉 When your payment is confirmed, your deposit will be live on your dashboard available for use.

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How To Play Mines On NGAWIN

Mines game is located in the “in-house” games section. This game is actually one of the easiest games to play on Ngawin. Now it is very important to note that all “in-house” games require a minimum bet amount of ₦500. Therefore follow the prompts below to play mines;

This game is incredibly simple and guarantees a thrilling experience. Let me walk you through how it works.

At first glance, you’ll see a grid of boxes, some of which contain diamonds, while others hide bombs. Your objective is to select the boxes with diamonds to win cash prizes. However, be careful not to choose a box with a bomb, as that will result in an automatic loss. It’s all about making the right choices!

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But how do you know how much you can win? Take a look below the game grid, and you’ll notice curved edged boxes with numbers like “1.03, 1.05, 1.11,” and so on. These numbers represent the game odds, indicating how much you’ll win if you successfully pick a diamond-containing box.

Let’s say you make the correct choice and select the first box, revealing a sparkling diamond. Exciting, right? As a visual cue, a red tab will appear across the first game odd. For example, if the game odd is 1.05, it means your staked amount will be multiplied by 1.05 to determine your earnings.

To illustrate further, let’s assume you place a bet of ₦100 and select the first box correctly. Your earnings will be calculated as ₦100 multiplied by 1.05, resulting in a total of ₦105. The more correct boxes you choose, the higher the odd value increases, increasing your potential winnings.

If you’re eager to see Ngawin in action and gain a better understanding of how the game works, check out the reference video provided below. It offers a live demonstration, showcasing the excitement and possibilities that Ngawin has to offer.

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How To Play Limbo Game On NGAWIN

In the “in-house” section of your ngawin dashboard, you’ll find an exciting game called Limbo. Unlike other games, Limbo relies solely on luck. Let’s delve into how this game works and how you can play it.

To begin, click on the Limbo game, and you’ll be presented with an interface resembling the image below.

The objective of the game revolves around a flying jet. Your task is to place a bet on a specific duration before the jet zooms off the screen.

In the game interface, you’ll notice a tab labelled “cashout in.” This is where you select the time at which you want your cashout to be placed while the jet is still flying.

As the jet makes its way through the air, the game odds increase gradually. Suppose you set your cashout time to 3 seconds. If, at the 3-second mark, the jet is still in motion, and the game odd is 2X, your bet will be doubled. In simple terms, your earnings will be determined by multiplying the game odds by the amount of money you initially bet or staked. However, if the jet flies away before reaching the 3-second mark, unfortunately, you will have lost the game.

That’s the basic premise of the Limbo game. It’s a thrilling experience where you bet on the flying jet’s duration, aiming to cash out at the right time to multiply your earnings. Give it a try and see if luck is on your side!

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How To Play Crash Game On NGAWIN

Crash, another exciting game available in Ngawin, bears a striking resemblance to Limbo. However, there is one significant difference: in Crash, you need to cash out before the plane falls or crashes.

Let’s explore how this game operates and how you can participate:

👉 Begin by setting the amount you’re willing to bet. This determines the stakes for the game.

👉 In the designated section or tab labelled “Cashout In,” specify the number of seconds you desire for your cashout to be executed after the game commences.

To illustrate, suppose you place a bet of ₦1000 and the plane takes off. Let’s assume you set your cashout seconds to 3 seconds. If, at the exact 3-second mark, the plane remains airborne without crashing, and the displayed odd number on the screen, let’s say 2.50, your cashout will be triggered. Consequently, your initial stake of ₦1000 will be multiplied by 2.5. This means your total earnings will amount to ₦2500.

For a clearer understanding of how Crash works, I recommend watching the informative video provided below. It will provide a visual demonstration and enhance your comprehension of the game mechanics.

Prepare yourself for an adrenaline-pumping experience with Crash! Set your bets wisely, time your cashouts, and aim for lucrative winnings. Good luck and enjoy the thrill!

Watch this video to see a live illustration;

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NGAWIN ‘In-House’ And ‘PG’ Games

Now there is a major difference between Ngawin and BBRFUN. And this difference lies mainly between the in-house games and the PG games. The in-house games have a minimum bet amount/stake of ₦500.

This means that you need to bet at least ₦500 to be able to okay any of the in house games. These games include the popular mines, crash, limbo etc. The reason we bring this to you is so that you can trade with caution (excluding greed) when playing the in-house games.

As for the PG games, you can play with as little as ₦100. These games are more dependent on luck than the little effort applied in the in house games. Games like Prosperity Lion, Ganesha gold, Piggy gold etc belong to this category.

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How To Withdraw Earnings On NGAWIN

Once you have won at least ₦2000, you will be eligible to make a withdrawal. If you fall into this category, follow the steps below to withdraw your earnings:

👉 Login to your NGAWIN account.

👉 Click on the red icon besides your earnings balance. See image below;

👉 On the new form, ensure the yellow tab s set to “Withdraw” and not “deposit”.

👉 Input the amount of money you want to withdraw under the tab “*Amount“.

👉 Click on “*Withdraw to“. Fill the form that follows with your accurate bank details and click on “Save“.

👉 Finally click on “Withdraw“.

👉 Your earnings will be sent to you between 5-10 minutes.

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Final Verdict

Overall we discovered that most influencers tend to make huge sums when playing late at night. Although we can’t tell why they do so, we believe there is less traffic at night (many people are asleep) therefore giving them more chances to win.

Therefore, we urge you to play mostly at night especially if you have a huge bet budget to give Ngawin a try. Finally, some games require a lot of capital to yield results. Most influencers burn thousands before getting those massive screenshots you see online. Take this at the back of your heart always.

You can check out other games like Ngawin by clicking here. Feel free to ask your questions below. Click here to join our telegram channel and get the latest updates on earnings sites like Ngawin.

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