Review: Legit Or Scam? [The TRUTH]

In the quest to find long term online paying websites, rises from the ashes. You probably must have seen the media hype and buzz about way before its actual launch date. Now the big question remains, is legit or a scam?

If you are currently on the quest of finding out more about then you might want to sit tight and read till the very end. Some of the things we shall be addressing in this article include; Is Luxegold Legit Or Scam? How To Make Money On Luxegold? How To Withdraw Earnings On Luxegold Inner features Explained, What Is The Minimum Withdrawal For Luxegold xchange, referral, Gold Anonymous, Gold Status and Gold Tasks? And so much more!

Note; Bhustle was not paid or under partnership with to write this review article. We simply carried out our research and penned down our findings. We strongly urge you to do your own research where and when necessary.

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What Is means many things to many people. To some it’s simply a cash vomiting website, to others it’s just another making money website. But in reality, Luxegold is an online website that rewards users based on “social media” marketing. 

“LuxeGold is an international social media monetization and affiliate platform designed to help you turn your online presence into a revenue-generating powerhouse. With a solid dollar-earning structure, you can leverage your skills, creativity, and connections to unlock financial opportunities like never before.”

If you have come across the website, Prime shares, you’ll strongly agree with us that they both share very similar characteristics in terms of functionality. On Luxegold, people earn money when they share pictures/videos to their Whatsapp status. They earn when they invite new users on Luxegold. They earn when their invited friends trade coins (sell crypto) on Luxegold. And so much more, which we shall discuss in detail in this article.

The domain name “” was launched officially on the 30th of September 2023. However, long before its online launch, they have widely been pre-promoted and spoken about before their actual presence on the web browser. Well what can we say, their PR team did quite a good job in terms of publicity.

Despite all the beauties of Luxegold, the identity of their owners/founders still remain unknown (anonymous). Quite a number of people have been identified as vendors, promoters etc but no one is yet to be identified as the CEO or founder of Luxegold. A move mainly associated with suspicious websites.

Another interesting feature about is the fact that they are only open to Nigerians but several other African countries such as Togo, Ghana, Cameroon, Kenya and Uganda.

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How Does Luxegold Work works quite in a unique way unlike most other sites you probably must have come across here on Bhustle review blog;

👉 To sign up on this website, used fist have to buy a coupon code. Without this coupon code, signing up on will not be possible. This coupon code costs N5000 and can be bought from coupon vendors.

👉 After purchasing their coupon codes, users can proceed to sign up and create their account on Luxegold. The step by step process has been explained below this article.

👉 After successfully creating their account, all new users will have a free $32 (equivalent to N10,000) sign up bonus in their dashboard. This money can be withdrawn after exactly 30 days on the condition that the user performs tasks daily on Luxegold.

👉 Aside the free sign up bonus, there are several other ways users can make money on Luxegold which we shall discuss one after the other later on in this review.

👉 Users can request for withdrawal after earning money on Luxegold. However, there are different withdrawal dates for different activities on Luxegold. As follows;

📍Gold Affiliate And Xchange Withdrawal every Wednesday And Sunday between 4pm and 6pm.

📍 Gold Shares Earnings Can be withdrawn on the 25th of every month.

📍 Welcome bonus ($32) Can be withdrawn after 30 days.

These are the various withdrawal dates for the different earning activities on Luxegold. And as  briefly stated, you can see exactly how Luxegold works. Sign up 👉Start Performing tasks👉Earn Money👉Withdraw Earnings.

Now that we have seen clearly how works, let us briefly see exactly what these tasks are. You probably must have seen the phrases “Gold Anonymous”, “Gold Shares”, “Gold Affiliate” etc a couple times in this article, let’s quickly see what they are and what you’ll be required to do in order to earn in each of them. 

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How To Register/Sign Up On Luxegold

To sign up on Luxegold follow the steps below to get started;

👉 Click HERE to purchase your coupon code (20% Discount – Pay N4800 instead of N5000 

👉 Fill up the sign up with your accurate information including your name, email, password and coupon code which you purchased.

👉 Agree to the terms and conditions and click on REGISTER.

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How To Make Money On

We have seen now that it’s very possible to make money on, right now let us explain the process by which this happens;


 Immediately you register on LuxeGold, you get a Welcome Task-Bonus of N10,000($16) and an extra Withdrawal Task-bonus of N10,000($16) which can be withdrawn after 30 days of performing Gold tasks daily. In total you will be getting N20,000($32) known as Gold Returns.

Your daily task involves watching a short promotional video you’ll see on your dashboard for at least 10 seconds or following someone on TikTok, Instagram or Twitter. 

It takes less than 3 minutes to complete this task and it’s done once a day. After 30 days of performing this 2-minute Gold task you’ll be paid Gold Returns of N20,000($32) straight to your bank account without referrals.


 This feature works like your WhatsApp status, but this time around, you’re getting paid per view.

You get to upload any write up, Photo or short video (30 seconds – 2 minutes long) then share the link to your WhatsApp status and you’ll be paid N20($0.03) per view.

Your earnings through your Gold Status will be added to your Gold Shares on your dashboard. The more your views the more your Gold shares.

Anybody can view your Gold status, whether they’re registered on LuxeGold or not. But only registered members on LuxeGold can post and earn on their Gold Status. 

Through Gold Status you can be making N1,000($1.6) – N5,000($8) daily without referrals, that’s 30k – 100k monthly without referrals.

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We’re all familiar with the anonymous messaging app/ website where you create and share an anonymous link to your status for your friends to send you anonymous messages.  

We have the same feature on LuxeGold. On your dashboard, you’ll see the Gold anonymous link that you can share to your WhatsApp for your friends to send you anonymous messages. 

After sharing your Gold Anonymous link, for each anonymous message you receive from anyone that uses the link to send you an anonymous message, you’ll be paid N20($0.3), which will be added to your Gold shares on your dashboard.  

Anybody can send you an anonymous message whether they’re registered on LuxeGold or not. But only registered members on LuxeGold can share links for people to send anonymous messages.

Through Gold Anonymous you can be making N1000($1.6) – N5,000($8) daily without referrals, that’s 30k – 100k monthly without referrals.


On your dashboard, you’ll see the Gold Xchange icon when you click on it… You’ll see a flyer showing the current Gold Xchange rate together with your Xchange link. 

All you need to do is save or screenshot the flyer(picture) and share it together with your link on your WhatsApp status. 

When anyone uses your link to sell their crypto coins like BTC, USDT, ETH, BNB…. you’ll be paid N10($0.01) per dollar traded. 

If someone uses your link to sell $500 worth BTC, you’ll be paid N5000 which will be added to your Gold commission on your dashboard. 

The more people trade using your link the more you earn. For those of you that have friends that buy or sell BTC without you benefiting because you don’t know anything about Crypto. Just ask them to trade with your link and you’ll be paid.


When someone registers through you, you’ll be paid N4000($6.4) referral commission which will be added to your Gold commission on your dashboard. 

Also, whenever any of those you registered, registers someone, N300($0.5) will be added to your *Gold commission* That is the 1st generation Indirect referral commission.  

And you get N100($0.16) 2nd generation indirect Commission whenever any of your 2nd generation downline registers someone, it’ll be added to your Gold Commission.

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How To Withdraw Earnings On

Getting to this point of this review you can clearly see that the Luxegold platform has various ways of earning money on this platform. In this same way, there are various withdrawal dates and times on depending on the task performed by the user;

👉 Affiliate and Xchange earnings are available for withdrawal every Wednesday and Sunday between 4 pm and 6 pm. The minimum withdrawal amount is just N7,000($11).

👉 If you’re into Gold Shares, your Status and Anonymous earnings can be withdrawn on the 25th of each month, with a minimum of N25,000($40).

👉 For Gold Returns, including Welcome and Withdrawal task bonuses, you can cash them out after a 30-day period, with a minimum requirement of N20,000($32).

👉 And the best part? Your earnings in dollars will be effortlessly converted to naira and sent directly to your bank account when you request a withdrawal.

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Is Legit Or Scam

Now to answer the burning question in the room, is legit or scam? For now, is a legitimate website/platform and paying out its users.

So yes, it’s completely safe to join this platform as long as you have the sign up fee of N5000.

Judging by the success of other similar platforms like Prime shares, Novustech etc we equally predict that Luxegold will go quite a long way.

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👍 It is a long term project.

👍 Free sign up bonus amounting to N20,000.

👍 Variety of earning methods.

👍 High referral rewards.


👎 Although it will stand the test of time, it might not last for over a year.

👎 Sign up bonus is quite high (N5000).

👎 Different withdrawal dates and times.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

When Was Launched?

The domain Luxegold.betbwas registered on the 30th of September 2023. Therefore we suspect it was launched early October 2023.

How Much Does Luxegold Coupon Code Cost?

The Luxegold coupon code cost N5000. However, you can CLICK HERE to purchase the coupon code at a discount price of N4800 (Limited slots only).

What Is Luxegold Gold Status Minimum Withdrawal Amount?

The minimum withdrawal amount for affiliate earnings on Luxegold is N7000. For social media tasks (posting and sharing to Whatsapp), the minimum withdrawal amount is N25,000. The welcome bonus of N10,000 can be withdrawn after 30 days.

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Final Verdict 

Currently, is one of the newest household names in the Nigerian finance industry. Before its actual launch on the 30th of September 2023, a lot of individuals already spoke about the massive earning potential of this platform (which is highly recommendable). 

To sign up and get started on Luxegold, do ensure to CLICK HERE to get a discount sign up bonus of N1000. Pay N4000 instead of N5000. Discount ends soon.

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