How To Play Nigeria777 And Win [₦5000 Per Day]

In this tutorial article, we will be showing you the step by step guide on how to bet games on Nigeria777 website. We clearly understand that a lot of people have difficulties in understanding how the games work let alone knowing how to play them.

Therefore we urge you to calm your nerves and go through this article carefully as we unravel the best way to earn in Nigeria777. But before that, it is important to note the point below;

Note: Bhustle was not paid or under any sponsorship from Nigeria777 to write this review article. We simply carried out our research and penned down our founding.

Feel free to make use of the table of contents below to help you navigate through this article.

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What Is Nigeria777

Nigeria777 is a game prediction website. This website promises its users cash rewards if they make the right game predictions or win a game.

Nigeria777 was launched shortly after the outbreak of BBRFUN which also pays its users whenever they stake on games and win. Not much is known about the origin of Nigeria777, in fact on whois domain checker the identity of the owners are concealed.

However, we do believe that Nigeria777 is owned and managed by the owners of BBRFUN game. Nigeria777 hosts 6 games (as at the time of writing  this article). Users can play any game of their choice. However, the method of winning relies solely on luck! Just like actual sport betting where your initial bet has no effect on the outcome. The same applies to Nigeria777.

With all these being said, we urge you to go through our Review On Nigeria777 to learn more about the platform itself. Let’s proceed to learn how to earn on this platform.

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How To Sign Up On Nigeria777

If you haven’t created an account on Nigeria777 simply follow the steps below to get started immediately. This is the  very first step.

👉 Click HERE to proceed to the sign up form.

👉 Input your phone number and set a password for your account in the spaces provided.

👉 On the last tab, ensure that the code is “UP9U93“. (Recall that new users cannot create new accounts without this unique ID code).

👉 Finally click on ” Register “.

👉 Congratulations 👏, you have successfully created your Nigeria777 account.

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Now that you have successfully created your Nigeria777 account, the next thing to do is to fund your account in order to play and earn. Read the guide below to learn how to deposit into your account.

How To Deposit On Nigeria777

👉 Login to your Nigeria777 account.

👉 Select the menu option at the button of the screen titled “Mine“.

👉 On the new page, select the option ” My Wallet ” located at the top right side of your screen.

👉 Select the first option titled “Recharge“.

👉 On the new page, select the amount of money you want to recharge. The lowest amount is #2000. After selecting your recharge amount, click on ” Recharge“. Remember to start with what you can afford to lose, all hands are not equal.

👉 You will automatically be redirected to the payment portal where the Nigeria777 official account number and bank details will be presented to you.

👉 Copy the account details shown on the page and make a deposit (or transfer) to the account provided. Deposit the amount of money you select as your recharge amount in the previous page.

P.S: Assuming you selected #2000 as your recharge amount, make a transfer (or deposit) of #2000 to the account details provided on the new current page.

👉 After making the deposit, click on “I have made payment“.

👉 After some time your deposit amount will be reflected on your Nigeria777 account which you can now use to play and earn.

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How To Play Nigeria777 Games

As stated earlier in this article, Nigeria777 is a prediction gaming website. In terms of playing games very little effort is required from you. Below is the procedures required;

📌 Choose the game you want to play. The available games include; Sapre, Parity, Bcone, Emerd, Racing And Motorcycle.

📌 For Spare, Parity, Bcone and Emerd the games consists of about 4 different colours. To win you have to guess the winning colour. Let’s assume the colours involved are red, blue, yellow and green.

📌 Users bet on one of these colours to be the final winner. If the colour you chose emerges, you have won. And simultaneously your bet will be multiplied.

📌 On the other hand, if the colour you chose is wrong, then you lose your bet.

So how do you play and win? Well there are telegram groups where the alleged answers/predictions to each game are being spilled on a daily basis. The admin releases the name of the game, the amount to bet and the colour to choose.

In most cases, these predictions are correct. In other cases they end up in losses. However, these groups have thousands of followers who depend on their daily predictions to win games on Nigeria777.

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How To Play Racing Game on Nigeria777

Watch this detailed below to see exactly how to okay the racing game on Nigeria777;


Nigeria777 Telegram Group

Just as we explained earlier, there are some telegram groups that release the predictions for their followers to bet and win on Nigeria777. Below are some of these groups;



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How To Withdraw Earnings From Nigeria777

👉 Login to your account.

👉 Select the menu option “Mine” below the screen.

👉 Click on the tab “my wallet” at the top right side of the page.

👉 Select the second option titled “Withdraw“.

👉 Your earnings will automatically be sent to you.

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However, you need to also save your bank account (link your bank account to your Nigeria777 account). This is very easy to do simply by observing the following steps.

👉 Login to your Nigeria777 account.

👉 Click on “Mine” and select the option “my wallet”.

👉 Select the third option titled “Bank/USDT“.

👉 Select your bank from the list provided (UBA, First bank, etc).

👉 Fill up the form provided with your correct and accurate information including your name, bank account number and your phone number.

👉 Finally click on ”save”. By default, whenever you request for withdrawal, your earnings will be sent to this saved account details.

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How To Win On Nigeria777

Here are some tips to win on Nigeria777:

1. Make sure you have enough money in your account.

2. Follow your mentor’s predictions when placing bets.

3. Start betting with one-tenth of your initial investment, as advised by your mentor.

4. If your investment fails, try the triple investment method.

5. Share your exclusive link with friends to earn more money. Remember to let them know when you make a profit.

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Final Verdict

As at the time of writing this article, the telegram group stopped dropping predictions on the 6th of June. However, from all indications, the games and website are still working fine.

We strongly advise all intending users of Nigeria777 to deposit amounts they are willing to lose. In the end, this is all systematic gambling. Don’t try to get greedy and go bankrupt.

Finally, feel free to ask your questions down in the comments box below. If you have any contributions or opinions you can as well share them with us via our comment section, peace.

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