How To Get Free Spins On Ngfortune (NgLucky) Game

You probably must have seen people earning huge from the free spins feature on Ngfortune/nglucky game. Well, in this article, we shall be teaching you the step by step guides on how to get free spins and earn some cash.

Now it is important to follow these processes with effect because these types of offers usually do not stand the test of time (do not last). But since it is still very new, a lot of people will stand a chance to win.

Ngfortune is a game bet website where individuals can earn money by playing games. This platform also provide a daily free spin to its users where they can earn as high as ₦50,000 on a free spin.

To read the full review about Ngfortune and how it works, CLICK HERE. For this particular article we will be focusing more on how to get those free spins. Without further ado, let’s begin!

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Ngfortune Sign Up Process

The first way to earn free spins on Ngfortune is by creating an account. Usually new accounts/users get the opportunity to spin the wheels for free as an incentive. This incentive is usually capped at ₦10,000. Follow the process below to get started;

👉 Click HERE to proceed to the official Ngfortune registration form.

👉 Fill up the registration form with your correct information.

👉 Finally agree to the terms and conditions and click on “Sign Up“.

👉 Congratulations👏, you have successfully created your Ngfortune account.

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What Is Ngfortune Free Spin

Ngfortune game spin feature is a tool that rewards users for specific actions. These actions can be winning a game, or referral rewards.

The spin wheel contains various prizes and whatever the pointer touches at the end of the spin will be your reward. Below is what the spin rewards look like;

Ngfortune provides numerous free spins to its users while on their platform. You can earn these spins by winning games on Ngfortune or by referring your friends to Ngfortune.

But not so fast, by following the sign up process above you also get free spins on Ngfortune. Yes, they also provide their new users the opportunity to spin the wheel for free and since they are still a new platform, it’s quite easy to win, at least for now.

Now let’s see in proper detail how you can win these spins for free.

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How To Get Free Spins

There are two major ways to get free spins on Ngfortune and we shall be explaining them in detail. These ways include; by playing games and through referrals.

The number of free spins depends on which of these methods you use.

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Ngfortune Referral Free Spins

The easiest way to get free spins on Ngfortune is through referrals. Ngfortune gives you about 2-3 free spins per referrer. This is the golden opportunity to earn. Because Ngfortune will still pay you your referral bonus and still pay you an extra ₦10,000 if you win any of the free spins allocated to you.

So what you should do is to grab your Ngfortune referral link and invite as many people as you can. The more invites you get, the more free spins you are awarded. Follow the steps below to get your referral link;

👉 Register/Login to your Ngfortune account.

👉 On your dashboard, click on the menu icon titled “share“. Located below the screen.

👉 Copy your referral link and share to your audience. You can as well give people your referral code to use while registering/signing up.

👉 That its! When you have a valid sign up (user who has deposited) you earn free spins.

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Ngfortune Games Free Spins

The second way to earn free spins is by playing games. Now by default, you play games on Ngfortune to win money, but in some cases, they reward free spins instead of money. What you have to do is accumulate these free spins by playing more games and most importantly winning!

Then after playing these games, proceed to the free spin wheel and play your free spins. You will most likely win more money. This exact strategy has proven to be successful on other similar game bet platforms like NGAwin. To locate the spin wheel, follow the guide below;

👉 Login to your Ngfortune account.

👉 Click on the menu icon at the button right of the screen as seen below;

👉 On the menu page, select the option free spins.

👉 You will be redirected to the spin page, the number of spins available to you will be visible on the spin wheel. 

👉 Now click on the spin wheel. Whatever the pointer touches last, will be your reward.

👉 Repeat the process continuously until your free spins is exhausted.

👉 By default, your earnings will be added to your main balance once you have reached the ₦10,000 threshold.

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How To Withdraw Earnings From Free Spins

When you create a new account and get your first spin, you’d be rewarded about ₦9,500. This bonus money can hardly be withdrawn. There are two ways to withdraw your free spin bonus;

👉 Firstly, its either you complete the amount to the withdrawal threshold of ₦10,000 as seen in the spin page. The ways to complete this have been discussed in this article.

👉 Secondly, if you have not reached the withdrawal threshold the only way to withdraw your bonus money is by hitting the *withdraw money* option on the spin wheel. If the pointer stops at that option as seen below, you will be allowed to withdraw your bonus.

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These are the two major ways to withdraw your spin wheel bonuses on Ngfortune or nglucky as many may choose to call it.

Final Verdict

Another way to earn free spins is by login into your Ngfortune account on a daily basis. Ngfortune provides one free spin per day to all their users. This can be a great opportunity to earn a good amount of cash on Ngfortune.

Finally we urge you to make use of the opportunity fast, because this free spin feature (from our research) might be a way to gain users. Recall that BBRFUN is still the leading industry for now, so other game platforms will devise ways to dethrone them, and this is just one of them

Furthermore, we urge you to read our review of ngfortune to get more insightful details about this game bet platform. Also do ensure to subscribe to our YouTube so as not to miss out on more make money online updates, CLICK HERE to subscribe.

Feel free to drop your comments and contributions down in the comment section below, peace.


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