Review: Legit Or Scam? [Truth Revealed]

Just few days ago another game net platform called Ngfortune (or nglucky) broke loose on the internet. In this article we shall be revealing the legitimacy of nglucky (or Ngfortune) as many call it.

We will also be answering some important questions about this website which you need to know before signing up and depositing your money. Some of these questions include; is Ngfortune legit? Who owns Ngfortune? What is Ngfortune minimum withdrawal? Etc.

It is very important to note the Bhustle is not under any sponsorship deal from Ngfortune (nglucky) to write this review. We simply carried out our research and penned down our findings.

Kindly make use of the table of contents below to help you navigate through this article easily. Also do ensure to ask your questions below this article if you need further clarifications. Without further ado, let’s begin!

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What Is Ngfortune?

Ngfortune is an online game bet website where users can play games and earn money. This game alongside a host of others came out just after the first viral game bet site, BBRFUN.

The major difference between the two is that ngfortune seems to be open to both Indians and Nigerians. According to Ngfortune, the game bet sites boasts of over 10 million active Indian users who use the website.

Despite these cross country features, Ngfortune still functions very properly for the average Nigerian. One can register with their normal phone numbers and receive payments to their local bank accounts.

Ngfortune was created in July 2023. Its owners/founders are unknown. However, the website functions properly but that missing mark (anonymous owners) is still very questionable. The minimum deposit amount is ₦2000 and anyone above 18 years of age are open to sign up and play.

Now that we have seen what Ngfortune is, let us see how Ngfortune works and how people earn money on this platform.

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How Does Work 

There is no peculiarity to distingish most of the recent game bet websites of which Ngfortune is no exception. If you are familiar with BBRFUN, then you will have no difficulty in understanding Ngfortune.

📌 The first step involves users creating a free account on Ngfortune. Signing up and registration is completely free.

📌 After creating an account, the next step is to fund your account. The minimum deposit is ₦2000. This is because you cannot okay games with an initial deposit.

📌 Now that you have funded your account, you can now choose from the over 100 games available on Ngfortune.

📌 When you win a game, you earn more money. On the other hand, if you lose a game, you lose money.

📌 After winning approximately ₦3500, you can request for withdrawals. Withdrawals take between 5-10 minutes to arrive at your local bank account.

📌 And the cycle continues.

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Is Ngfortune Legit Or Scam?

To save you the stress, we do not think Ngfortune is a legit platform. They might last long, they might go beyond the usual ponzi life span of 2-6months. But there are some missing information that needs to be addressed before they can be called a legit platform. They include;

📌 Proper information about themselves and what they stand to achieve. You can see a clear goal on legit gambling sites like Bet9ja etc.

📌 The identity of their founders/owners must be known for safety reasons and financial security and most importantly audience trust.

📌 They must be unique. They are currently a replica of BBRFUN, the major difference is just their names.

So these are our reasons why we at bhustle conclude that ngfortune is a ponzi scheme. We are not saying people won’t earn money, many will definitely win huge. Others will lose what they have. Just like a normal gamble is and has always been. 

However, we are informing you of the loopholes of the platforms so that you know clearly whom you are dealing on. Invest what you are willing to lose and withdraw your earnings immediately to avoid stories.

With that said, follow the steps below to register and create a free account on Ngfortune.

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How To Register On Ngfortune

Signing up on Ngfortune is completely free of charge. Follow the steps below to get started;

👉 Click HERE to proceed to the Ngfortune sign up form.

👉 Fill up the form with your correct information. Input your phone number and password where necessary.

👉 Agree to the terms and conditions and click on the yellow “Sign Up” button.

👉 Congratulations👏, you have successfully created your Ngfortune account.

We can both agree that registering on Ngfortune was very easy. However, the deposit stage can be a bit confusing. As you may already know, you need to put in some money before you can start playing games on Ngfortune.

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Now that you have created your account, follow the steps below to deposit and start playing on Ngfortune.

How To Deposit On Ngfortune

Before we begin, it’s important to mention that the minimum deposit amount is ₦2000. However, you can deposit a higher amount depending on your financial capacity and how much you’re willing to play with/risk.

👉 Login to your Ngfortune account.

👉 Click on the pale yellow icon at the top right side of the screen. Located in between the earning balance and profile image.

👉 Select the amount of money you want to deposit.

👉 Click on “Deposit ₦2000” or any amount of your choice. 

👉 Confirm your deposit amount on the tab that pops up. Automatically, you will be redirected to a page containing the platform’s official bank details. Copy the details and make the transfer of ₦2000 (or any amount you chose) to the company.

👉 After successful payment, come back to the Ngfortune website. You’d notice that the ” Confirm Deposit ” button will change to “I Have Paid”. Click on it and await confirmation from the administrators.

👉 When your payment is confirmed, your deposit will be live on your dashboard available for use.

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How To Play Games On Ngfortune

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How To Withdraw Earnings On Ngfortune

To withdraw your earnings on Ngfortune follow the steps below;

👉 Login to your Ngfortune account.

👉 Ensure you have reached the minimum withdrawal threshold before making a withdrawal request.

👉 Click on the pale yellow button between your earning balance and profile icon.

👉 On the new pop out page, click on the  “Withdraw” button.

👉 Input the amount of money you want to withdraw in the first part and your account details in the second. Click on Save.

👉 Finally click on “Withdraw“.

👉 By default your earnings should be sent to you between 5-10 minutes. If it exceeds this time frame, ensure to reach out to the customer care service.

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👍 Fast withdrawal payouts. Usually less than 24 hours.

👍 Minimum withdrawal threshold is low.

👍 Some games offer up to 100 odds.

👍 High referral commissions.


👎 Anonymous owners.

👎 Ngfortune another copy of BBRFUN.

👎 Is a ponzi scheme (Bhustle rating).

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Final Verdict

Bhustle rates Ngfortune 1 out of 5 stars. Finally we strongly urge you to only deposit amounts you are willing to lose. As a matter of fact we encourage interested beginners to start with the smallest depose amount of ₦2000.

As stated earlier, ensure to withdraw your earnings once you reach the withdrawal threshold. No one except GOD knows when these sites might decide to run out of business. With that said, you can check out other sites like Ngfortune which we have reviewed on our website, CLICK HERE to see them.

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Also do ensure to leave your questions or contributions in the comments section below, peace.


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4 thoughts on “ Review: Legit Or Scam? [Truth Revealed]

  1. Please can I get help from here,I registered through a friend 3 days ago with 2000 naira,but they have refused to confirm my deposit ,I have been chatting them via life support but no reply

    1. Good day, unfortunately we cannot provide any effective aid. Because we are not part of the team. Nonetheless, we advice you reach out to their support or any of their promoters on Facebook.

    1. For level one just once a day. To withdraw multiple times a day, you need to be upgraded to level two and above. You can achieve this by playing more games. But for now, you can only withdraw once a day.

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