Earnfreely.ng Review: Legit or Scam? [The Truth]

Earnfreely.ng is the latest paying site in Nigeria. With just simple tasks performed daily on the site, you can earn as much as N25000. 

In this article, we will dwell extensively on Earnfreely.ng, including ‘how to use the site and earn from it’ and also its authenticity. 

What is Earnfreely.ng?

Earnfreely.ng is a new site that claims to pay users for engaging and being active on it. Earnfreely.ng was launched early January this year. The site has mind blowing offers for its active and dedicated users. 

Earnfreely.ng promises its users monetary rewards for performing tasks such as referring people to the platform, clicking on links, watching ads on the platform, etc.

You can earn a whooping N50,000 weekly for being a top referrer on Earnfreely.ng. All you have to do is refer people and make sure they’re engaging with the platform. 

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How Does Earnfreely.ng Work

As a paying site, one thing that’s peculiar about Earnfreely.ng is that users don’t need to make payment for registration or deposit money to begin earning on the platform. Earnfreely’s registration is free and so are task performance. 

Earnfreely.ng works in a very straightforward way, all that users need to do is search the platform on a web browser. 

When you gain access to the site, you create an account and begin performing the available tasks to earn money. 

After task completions, your Earnfreely.ng will be credited and you can initiate a withdrawal during the withdrawal days within the month. 

Is Earnfreely.ng Legit?

We cannot conclusively guarantee Earnfreely.ng is legit or scam at the moment. Although the promises of the platform are way below plausible but since it does not require money to register and participate in tasks, it is still worth a trial. 

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How to Sign Up on Earnfreely.ng 

To earn on Earnfreely.ng is totally free, however, users must be signed up on the platform to enjoy this. 

Here is a step by step detailed guide on how to sign up and create an account on Earnfreely.ng ; 

1. Open Earnfreely.ng on your mobile browser.

2. Click the three lines at the top right corner of the homepage

3. Click ‘sign up’ 

4. Enter your bank details as requested

5. Enter the other requested details

6. Click “register” to wrap up your registration on Earnfreely.ng.

How to Make Money on Earnfreely.ng

There are a couple of ways to earn on Earnfreely.ng; like we said earlier, you earn on the site by performing daily tasks like logging in to the platform, referring people and engaging on the site. In a more detailed form, here is how you can earn and how much you can earn from each tasks on Earnfreely.ng: 

1. Daily Login 

You will earn ₦150 naira daily for logging into your earnfreely account

2. Earn by referring 

You will earn ₦350 naira per person you referred. Referring to Earnfreely.com is however optional and you can skip it and perform other tasks and still be able to withdraw your money. 

One of the biggest ways to cash out on Earnfreely.ng is through their weekly referral competition. The platform rewards their top 10 highest referrers with a handsome sum of N50,000 each every Sunday by 5PM. 

To participate in the weekly N50,000 referral contest on Earnfreely.ng, all you have to do is sign up on the platform, get your referral link and post it on your social media platforms. The more people you refer to, the more chance you stand to be among the top 10 weekly referrers. 

If you have a large following on social media platforms, you stand at an advantage in the referral contest. 

NOTE: If you can’t promote and refer to people that will stay active genuinely, you shouldn’t refer or register fake users to avoid wasting your time. Earnfreely.ng only recognizes active users and referred users who don’t engage on the platform daily will be regarded as fake and invalid in the referral contest. 

3. Perform Click2Earn tasks 

You will earn ₦1,350 naira daily for performing Click2Earn tasks.

4. Earn from post engagements 

You will earn N50 naira for commenting on our daily POSTS

Perform MyTasks 

You will earn  ₦550 naira daily for performing MyTasks.

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How to Withdraw on Earnfreely.ng 

Withdrawals on Earnfreely.ng are done twice in a  month ( 31st and 10th of every month by 9AM ). 

Here is how to withdraw your earnings on Earnfreely.ng; 

1. Login to the platform

2. Click the three lines at the top of the page 

3. Click “withdraw money” 

4. Enter where you are withdrawing from and the amount you wish to withdraw

5. Click “place withdrawal” 

6. If successful, your account will be credited. 

NOTE: The bank details provided during your registration is where your withdrawals will be paid into. 

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1. Earnfreely.ng is totally free to register and participate in tasks. 

2. The site pays big for simple task performance.

3. Referral is optional and withdrawal does not depend on whether or not you refer people to the platform

4. There are no hidden withdrawal charges 

5. Earnfreely.ng has a very user-friendly interface which makes it easy for novice users to find their way around the platform. 

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1. Earnfreely.ng earnings for tasks are not plausible and might be possible baits to get people to be active on the platform. 

2. It is most likely that Earnfreely.ng will not stand the test of time like past similar sites, this is because they are unlikely to be able to pay earnings of thousands of users with no source of income generation aside from ads revenue. 

3. Earnfreely.ng has no known founder or owner as at the time of writing this post. 

4. Not much information is known about the site, this makes it suspicious. 

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Final Verdict 

While it is uncertain if Earnfreely.ng is legit or scam, since the platform is totally free to use and earn from, you can give it a try. There is absolutely nothing to lose except the little amount of time you will spend performing tasks on the platform.

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Kindly leave your questions, contributions or confusions in the comments box below, peace.


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