Ultra-gold.com Review: Legit or Scam

If you are a frequent internet user in Nigeria, the probability that you have come across several online platforms (like ultra-gold.com) where you are promised daily earnings is quite high.

With the current economic state of Nigeria, many people are constantly looking out for ways to earn money with their mobile phone. It is evident that salaries and wages are no longer enough to sustain the larger percentage of the Nigerian populace, so an alternative or rather solution to this has largely been based on doing side jobs to meet up. 

A lot of Nigerians now work both offline and online to meet up with life demands. In Nigeria, there are so many online platforms where you can perform tasks and earn money. These online platforms only require you to perform basic tasks on a daily basis. 

Today we will be discussing one of such paying sites, ‘ultra-gold.com’, we will talk indepthly about the website, its features, registration process and earning structures. 

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What is ultra-gold.com?

Ultra-gold.com is a platform that pay users for performing daily simple tasks on it. The platform was launched November this year and has since then garned a lot of conversations on social media. 

On ultra-gold.com, you get paid for performing tasks such as, referring people to join the platform, taking surveys, playing games, engaging social media posts, etc. The bottom line is, there are just numerous ways you can make money on ultra-gold.com. 

Aside earning on ultra-gold.com, you can also broaden your knowledge on different subjects by purchasing their e-courses. E-courses like “Facebook marketing”, “cryptocurrency”, etc are available on ultra-gold.com 

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How does Ultra-gold.com work?

It is quite simple, ultra-gold.com is not complicated and quite easy to use. On ultra-gold.com, you are required to register on the platform before you can access its features. Once you are registered, you can make money on the platform through tasks performance. Some of the tasks you can perform on the platform includes; engaging on posts, daily login to the website, taking surveys, referring people to join the platform. 

Note that referral on ultra-gold.com is necessary to increase your daily earnings on the platform but it is not compulsory. You can still earn money on the platform without referring people. This is unlike many other platforms where referral is compulsory before you can earn money. 

Before you can withdraw your earnings on ultra-gold.com, it must have accumulated to N8000 (with referrals) or N23,000 (non referrals). Withdrawal on ultra-gold.com is reserved for some days and specific time also. The withdrawal process on the platform is however hassle free and straight forward. 

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How to Sign up/Register on Ultra-gold.com

Before you can have access to the features on ultra-gold.com, you must first of all be registered on the platform. Registeration is the first step to making money on ultra-gold.com and it requires these simple steps; 

1. The first step involved in registering on ultra-gold.com is buying your coupon code. The coupon code is N5000 only. Keep in mind that without purchasing a coupon code on ultra-gold.com, your registration cannot be completed.

2. After you have gotten your coupon code from a vendor, open your web browser and search “ultra-gold.com”.

3. On the home page of the site, click “get started” 

4. Fill the on screen form by providing the requested information (your name, number, your coupon code, etc). 

5. When you are done entering the requested information, click on “register” and that is it, your ultra-gold.com account is ready. 

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Ultra-gold.com Features Explained

1. Ultra Top Earners

This feature is reserved for the top earners on ultra-gold.com. The feature allows top earners on the platform to place bets with their referral bonus. Just like normal betting, users have the possibilities of doubling or even trippling their earnings through the played bets.

2. Ultra Marketing

This feature allows ultra-gold.com users to earn money by engaging on sponsored posts. This feature pays N200 per engagement. 

3. Ultra Lottery Bet

This is a pay-to-participate feature on ultra-gold.com. The feature offers users a chance to spin and win. The prices for the ultra lottery bet are fixed on the spin wheel ( just like the normal spin and win games).

4. Ultra Digital Course

Registered ultra-gold.com users have access to various digital courses on the platform. These courses mostly borders on social media skills. 

5. Ultra Advertisment Mart

As an entrepreneur, you can advertise your buisness on ultra-gold.com. This feature gives you and your buisness visibility. Potential sales of goods or services via ultra-gold platform will be scrutinized by Ultra-gold for security purposes. 

6. Ultra Social Audience Gain

Ultra-gold.com users can increase their social media followings and post engagement via the platform. This is another way to increase your brand’s visibility via the platform.

7. Ultra Peer to Peer 

This feature allows users on ultra-gold.com to earn by registering new users with their activity earnings.

8. Ultra Monthly Salary

Ultra-gold.com affiliates are paid monthly salaries based on achieving some specific referral milestone. The salaries differ and are according to the milestones achieved.

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How to Make Money on ultra-gold.com 

Like we said earlier, you make money on ultra-gold.com by logging in to your ultra-gold account and performing simple tasks like; post engagement, taking surveys, playing games etc.

 To increase your earnings on ultra-gold.com you can participate in the referral program and earn by directing people to use the platform.

Earning Structure on Ultra-gold.com

The earning Structure is basically how much you are expected to earn for different tasks on ultra-gold.com.

Let us take a peep at ultra-gold.com earning structure below; 

Welcome bonus N2,500
Daily login bonus N200
Daily Survey N400
Daily trend post N200
Referral bonusN4000
Indirect referral bonus N300
Second indirect referral bonusN200

How To Buy Ultra-gold Coupon Code

The sign up coupon code on ultra-gold costs N5000. However, we will be giving a special discount price of N4700 to a limited number of individuals who sign up through the link below. To purchase your coupon code and set up your account kindly contact the seller below;

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How to Withdraw your Earnings on Ultra-gold.com

Withdrawal on ultra-gold.com is quite easy and straightforward. However, there are specific withdrawal days and times. 

Ultra-gold withdrawals on Tuesdays, Thursday and Sundays at 4-6Pm.

Minimum withdrawal limit for referral earnings is N8,000 while tasks earnings withdrawal minimum is pegged at N23,000 

Now, to withdraw your earnings on ultra-gold, follow these steps; 

1. Login to your ultra-gold.com account

2. On the dashboard, click on “cash out” 

3. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw

4. Fill out the requested information on screen and click on “withdraw” 

5. You will receive your money 0-48hrs after submitting your withdrawal request. 

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Is ultra-gold.com Legit or Scam? 

Yes! Ultra-gold.com so far has proven to be real and authentic. There have been testimonies from users of the platform. Ultra-gold.com pay it users for reals.

Pros Of Ultra-gold.com

These are the advantages of ultra-gold.com;

1. The website is easy to use

2. There are a myriad of ways to make money on the platform

3. Referral is not compulsory for withdrawal on the platform

4. Apart from earning money on the platform, you can also grow your social media handles and gain visibility for your buisness

5. You can get access to e-courses on the platform as a registered members

Cons of Ultra-gold.com

The following are the disadvantages of ultra-gold.com;

1. Access to the platform is not free

2. Withdrawal days and amounts are limited.

3. It takes 0-48hrs to receive your money after withdrawal

 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Is ultra-gold.com legit?

Yes! Testimonies from users of the platform shoes it is legit

Who can make money on ultra-gold.com?

Anybody with a mobile phone and data can participate and make money on ultra-gold.com

Is ultra-gold.com available in my country?

Ultra-gold.com is available in most African countries

What currency does ultra-gold.com pay in?

Ultra-gold.com pays in Nigerian Naira

How much can I make daily on ultra-gold?

Your daily earnings on ultra-gold.com depends on how many tasks you perform on a daily basis.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a legit and hassle free way to make money online this 2023, then try ultra-gold.com. The platform is legit and you can lazily earn daily money from the comfort of your couch. 

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