Sproutsgig.com Review: Legit or Scam 

After the rebrand of picoworkers to sproutsgig.com, a lot of amazing new features have been added to this platform. However, before jumping on my website/platform that claims you can make money while using them, there are some really important questions one must ask before proceeding. 

Is sproutsgig.com legit? How will I get paid on sproutsgig? How to perform tasks and earn on sproutsgig? These and many more questions need to be addressed before any individual signs up on this platform. The good news is that we have provided answers to these queries in this article so do ensure to read through carefully.

In today’s world where everything has gone digital, being able to make a lot of money online should not come as a surprise to you. While some websites and apps that claim to have this ability are often scams, there are a myriad of legit websites and apps that you can actually earn money on daily. 

In today’s article, we will indepthly discuss one such website where you can earn money daily..

What is Sproutsgig.com?

Sproutsgig is a freelance work site that connects employers and freelancers. On Sproutsgig, employers (people giving out paid tasks to complete), put up jobs and job descriptions and interested freelancers (people who complete paid tasks) take up the job to earn money after completion. 

Sproutsgig has been around for quite some time and has its location in the United States. The freelance site falls in the same category with Upwork, Fiverr and other similar freelance sites. 

On Sproutsgig, you can earn money from the comfort of your couch. It is a go-to site for many freelancers who work full or part-time. By completing micro tasks like writing reviews and liking social media posts, you can earn cool cash on Sproutsgig. What’s more? You can perform multiple tasks on the platform on a daily basis and there is no limit to your earning potentials on the freelance platform. 

How to Sign Up on Sproutsgig.com

To put up or find jobs on Sproutsgig, you must first of all have a Sproutsgig account. The only way you can earn on Sproutsgig is by having an account with them. 

Having a Sproutsgig account is easy and only involves you filling out a sign up form. Here is how to create a Sproutsgig account; 

1. Visit Sproutsgig website.

2. Click on “get started” 

3. Fill out the sign up form by providing all the requested information; at the bottom of the page, accept the terms and conditions and select whether you’re going to be a worker or employer on the platform. 

4. Crosscheck the information you provided and click “sign up” 

Your Sproutsgig account is ready! Be sure to confirm your email address. You can equally add more details (profile picture, etc) to your profile by going to “account settings” and clicking the profile icon. 

How to Login to Sproutsgig

After your initial sign up on Sproutsgig, on your subsequent visits to the website, you will be requested to login. 

To login to Sproutsgig do these; 

1. Visit the Sproutsgig website

2. Click “login” 

3. Provide the email you used in signing up and also your password. 

4. Click the “login” button. 

How to Earn on Sproutsgig

As a freelancer, you can earn on Sproutsgig by completing micro tasks. Once you have signed up and logged in to the website, you will see a plethora of tasks that you can complete. Each job on Sproutsgig is categorised and you can easily pick out what category of jobs you are interested in doing. 

Complete as many jobs as you can daily to increase your earnings, there is literally no limit to how much you can earn on Sproutsgig. The more jobs you complete, the more money you earn. 

How to Work on Sproutsgig

Here is how to work on Sproutsgig; 

1. Go through the posted jobs and select the ones that are of interest to you ( these should be jobs you are sure you can do within the stipulated time). 

2. Click on your selected job or tasks to see full details of the job ( the job details usually include such information as the job pay, the job description, how many workers are needed and how much time the employee will use to rate your work upon submission). 

3. Go over the work requirements (i.e what the task or job requires you to do), you will find this at the “what is required from workers?” Section 

4. Go through the “Required Proof that Task was Finished” section to see what proof to submit after you have completed the job or task. 

5. Upon completion of the task or job, you are required to report to your client with proof that you actually did the job. The only way this can be done is by submitting a proof on the “Submit your Proof Below” section. The proof to be submitted can be in written form (typed) or a screenshot of the completed task. 

Upon a successful job completion and proof submission, you can go ahead to be doing other jobs while your client rates your jobs. If after rating, a client rejects your job, you can decide to redo the job and resubmit proof or reject the job. When you refuse to redo a job, keep in mind that you will not be paid. If you however decide to redo a job after rejection, after resubmission and your client is satisfied, you will be paid. 

If a client does not rate your work on or before the expiration date of the time provided for work rating, you will be paid for your work. 

How Does Sproutsgig work

As earlier asserted, Sproutsgig connects employers and workers. It is as much a freelance network as Fiverr and Upwork. All you need to do on Sproutsgig is sign up with your email address and start doing tasks to earn money. 

Sproutsgig is opened to people from different countries, both employers and workers can come from almost any country on Sproutsgig. 

All you need to make money on Sproutsgig is your mobile phone and data connection. Once you can dedicate a portion of your time each day to complete takes on the platform, you can earn money which will be transferred to your Sproutsgig wallet. You can easily withdraw your earnings from your Sproutsgig wallet through any of their approved mediums. 

How to Withdraw your Earnings on Sproutsgig

So you have completed tasks on Sproutsgig and earned cool cash, but how do you withdraw your earnings? Let’s answer that question right now! 

Please keep in mind that before you can withdraw your earnings on Sproutsgig, you must have a minimum of $5 in your wallet. 

To withdraw money from your Sproutsgig wallet, follow these steps; 

1. Login to your Sproutsgig account

2. On your dashboard, click the “withdraw” button.

3. Select your preferred withdrawal method from the drop-down menu.

4. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw in the “Withdrawal Amount” field.

5. Select the withdrawal method you would like to use (PayPal, Litecoin, Skrill, Uphold).

6. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and click “Submit.”

7. Once your withdrawal request has been processed, you will receive your funds within 3-5 business days.

How To Perform Tasks On Sproutsgig.com

Sproutsgig Reviews

Here is what Sproutsgig users have to say about the platform; 

Kasif Z. said; 

I was going through tough financial times and started to find a job online. And I found SproutGigs and earning site. I just sign up and started earning with broken heart as this website will also do like others to take more and give less. But just after some days I started earning very well. Now i am just concentrating on SproutGigs it has helped me alot to meet my expenses. Stay blessed SproutGigs and the owner of this site. Thank you!

Torikul L. said; 

According to me this site is the best. I made my first income online from this site. I have worked on many sites before but did not get money. There are many who come to this site not to work. As a result the ID is suspended and negative reviews are given. But that’s not right. If they work according to the rules, then payment peto is correct. Finally, I want to say one thing, don’t fake it on the site.

Opeyemi A. said; 

The first thing I noticed is that they don’t do any verifications as regards what tasks people post on their site.

You will be asked to perform some tasks for Human verifications yet they actually promote other sites or apps by doing that and less than 10 % get through this phase.

They don’t have any customer support you can report issues to once your account is suspended or thereabout.

Anisul S. said;

I am from Bangladesh, I work in my free time. It’s quite great for me at this moment. Hopefully, I will find more time to work on it. Thank you SproutGigs, one of the best online micro working sites.

Folashayo A. said ;

People if you cherish your time and energy don’t bother to have any account with them.

This people are thieves, liars and heartless

They will suspend your account for a fake reason.

They do this to people who have already put All their time and effort into accumulating earnings most especially. You will just see that they have blocked you.

Everything about them is bad and evil.

Frequently Asked Q & A About Sproutsgig

Is Sproutsgig Legit? 

Yes, Sproutsgig freelance platform is legit. The above reviews are testimonies from users of the site. 

How much can you earn on Sproutsgig? 

There are no limits to your earning potentials on Sproutsgig, you can earn as much as you can work. The more jobs you complete, the more money you earn. 

 Who can earn money on Sproutsgig?

Anybody with a mobile phone and data can work and earn money on Sproutsgig

Where is Sproutsgig headquarters? 

Sproutsgig has its headquarters in the United States  but is open to anybody from almost all countries of the world. 

What is the minimum withdrawal limit on Sproutsgig? 

The minimum withdrawal limit on Sproutsgig is $5; you can only withdraw your earnings from your wallet after it has accumulated to $5. 

What are the tasks available on Sproutsgig? 

These are the types of tasks you can perform on Sproutsgig and earn money; 

1.Upvote a Reddit post

2. Visit a website, view a specific number of web pages

3. Visit a specified URL and click on a hyperlink on the page

4. Visit Google and search and click

5. Like a Facebook post

6. Subscribe to a YouTube channel

7. Comment on a Pinterest post

8. Follow someone on Twitter

9. Share a YouTube video

10. Upvote a Reddit post

11. Write a blog comment on an article.

12. Review a product, service, or tool on Google Business Profile, Yelp, Trustpilot, or Amazon, or on a website

13. Post comments on social media posts (ex: YouTube videos, Reddit posts, Facebook posts, Tweets)

13. Like, comment on a Youtube video and subscribe to the channel

14. Like and share a Facebook post

15. comment on a Reddit post

16. Retweet and follow on Twitter

17. Repin a Pinterest post and follow the brand

18. Comment on an Instagram post and follow the brand

19. Create an account for free on the example.com website

20. Subscribe to a newsletter

21. Sign up online for a service or a website and complete a task (ex: Sign up on Grammarly and install an extension)

22. Register on crypto websites

23. Sign up on the forum and post

24. Install a chrome extension on your browser

25. Register on a website, download the software, and install it

26. Download and install a mobile app

27. Download a game, play for a certain time, and transfer coins to a different ID

28. Download an application, mine crypto coins, and transfer them to a specific address

29. Sign up for a free trial on a website.


If you are looking for a way to make money at home, Sproutsgig is definitely for you! The website allows you to make money without putting much effort. What’s more effortless than making money by liking social media posts, following social media accounts or dropping reviews? 

Try Sproutsgig today and you might just elevate your income. It really doesn’t matter if you are employed or unemployed, Sproutsgig can be used as a side hustle or a full time job, depending on how much time you devote to it. 

Also we have reviewed a lot of legitimate websites where you can earn money by working legitimately on the internet. CLICK HERE to access them for free.

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Kindly leave your questions, contributions or confusions in the comments box below, peace.


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