Review: Legit Or Scam? [The Truth]

You probably must have come across the investment site,, which claims to pay daily returns to its users. Although people claim to have been making massive cash outs and withdrawals from their investments on schroders, is this platform legit? This is one out of many questions about schroders we will be answering today.

Note: We are not under any form of partnership from schroders to write this review article. We simply carried out our research and penned down our findings.

Some of the important areas concerning we will be addressing today include; is legit? How to make money on How to withdraw earnings on schroders? When was launched? And so much more!

We urge you to make use of the table of contents below to help you go through this article easily. Also ensure to drop your questions and contributions down in the comment section below. Without further ado, let’s begin!

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What Is claims to be an investment website revolving around renewable energy, basically solar panels. In, users invest into different energy “renewable energy” plans and earn a daily commission (which greatly depends on the type of plan they invest into. Now this explains what is and what it is all about.

However, “” should not be mistaken with “”. is a website that provides decisions every day on behalf of savers and investors around the world. These investors depend on their broad investment expertise, across private and public markets to manage £726.1 billion of wealth and investments. In other words, helps them achieve their long-term financial goals – and make a positive impact in the world. 

This is very much important because while is an investment scheme, is an investment advice platform. Two different things entirely! Hence two different websites. Or probably, one is a duplicate of the other. We will reveal that in this article.

Now that we have seen what is, let us quickly see how it works.

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How Does Work

To get started on, users have to observe the following steps;

📌 Create a account. This is free of cost.

📌 After registration, they have access to their user dashboards. Additionally, a #200 signup bonus is allocated to new users.

📌 Users the proceed to deposit/fund their account. The minimum deposit amount is #3000.

📌 Users can now survey through the available investments plans and make their first investment on schroders. The minimum investment plan costs #3000 and generates #360 daily income.

📌 Users can request for withdrawal whenever they want to provided they have met the minimum withdrawal threshold.

And there you have it! The complete working process of the schroders investment platform. Now let’s address the elephant in the room, is legit?

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Is Legit Or Scam?

As much as a lot of current investors might not like this, but, is not a legitimate platform. Before you hate this review, hear our reasons first. We understand that schroders has been paying out their investors ever since their launch but the legitimacy of a website goes beyond a successful withdrawal.

📌 The owners of are completely unknown (anonymous).

📌 is a clear duplicate of the original company, ““.

📌 The ROI (Return On Investment) are way too high to be true, at least for a questionable website.

These are a few of the many reasons why we do not consider as a legitimate enterprise. If you still want to join the train and risk a little cash on, then follow the guide below.

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How To Register On

To register and get started on schroders, simply follow the guide below;

👉 CLICK HERE to proceed to the registration page.

👉 Fill up the sign up form as seen below with your accurate details.

👉 Solve the captcha by inputting the text in the captcha box as seen below;

👉 Finally click on REGISTER.

Congratulations👏, you have successfully created your account. You will automatically be redirected to the login page where you are required to login to your account. By default, you will be credited with #200 in your dashboard as a sign up bonus.

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How To Make Money On

There are two main ways to make money on schroders. They are through referrals and through investment plans. Investment Plans

This is the capital way to earn money on schroders. All you have to do is to make an investment on schroders and you will be paid daily profits. The size of the profit depends on the type of investment plan you purchased. Follow the steps below to get started;

👉 Login to your schroders account.

👉 Click on the home icon as seen below.

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👉 Go through the various investment plans on schroders and make your choice. Some of the plans include;

📌 #3000 R.E Plan: #360 daily profit.

📌 #15,800 R.E Plan: #1896 daily profit.

📌 #68,000 R.E Plan: #8160 daily profit.

👉 To buy a plan simply click on the white “BUY” button as seen below.

Congratulations👏, you have successfully bought your first investment on schroders. If you have insufficient balance in your schroders account, you will be redirected to the recharge form to make a deposit.

We have also helped you streamline the deposit process just below this heading.

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Make Money With Referral Bonus

The second way to make money on is through their referral bonus. When you refer new friends to Schroders and they make their first recharge, you will automatically earn 37% of whatever amount the person recharges.

Schroders also pay you for second tier and third tier referrals. Meaning, if your referrals refer other new users, you will also be paid a certain commission.

How To Recharge Your Account

👉 Login to your account.

👉 Click on the profile icon as seen below.

👉 Click on the purple plus button beside your balance as seen below;

👉 Select the amount of money you want to recharge from the list provided on the next page. The minimum recharge amount is #3000 while the maximum is #380,000. After selecting your recharge amount, click on RECHARGE IMMEDIATELY.

👉 You will be taken to the payment page containing the company’s account details. Simply copy the bank details provided and make a transfer of the amount you initially selected.

👉 After successful payment, click on the yellow button that reads “Confirm Payment”.

Congratulations👏, you have successfully made your first deposit on schroders. Your deposit will be reflected on your dashboard after your payment has been verified.

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How To Withdraw Earnings On

👉 Login to your account.

👉 Click on the profile icon on the menu bar below the screen.

👉 Scroll down the page and click on “Bind Bank Card” as seen below.

👉 Input your bank details (card details) in the space provided. Click on CONFIRM.

👉 Proceed back to the profile page and click on Withdrawn.

👉 Input the amount of money you want to withdraw and click on CONFIRM.

Congratulations👏, you have successfully placed your first withdrawal request on, your earnings will be sent to you after processing.

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👍 High return on investment (daily profits).

👍 High referral rewards.

👍 Has stood the test of time. Further updates about will still be updated on this page.

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👎 It is a ponzi scheme.

👎 It might crash unexpectedly.

👎 The owners are anonymous (unknown).

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Final Verdict

Overall Bhustle rates 1 out of 5 stars. Although it is a good way to pass time and earn a little cash, we are sceptical about its legitimacy and life span.

Nonetheless, there are other websites you can earn money online from which we have reviewed here on Bhustle. Click HERE to see them.

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Do ensure to leave your questions, thoughts and contributions down in the comment section below, peace.


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12 thoughts on “ Review: Legit Or Scam? [The Truth]

        1. Am not able to login and withdraw close to two weeks now. And all the Whatsapp and telegram groups are showing that only admins are allowed to send messages. Why are they not treating everyone equally?

    1. I registered for this online business on the 06/09/2023 with #67,800:00 and #8160:00 was paid the following day being 07/09/2023 since then nothing has been paid, how do you explain this? Verify on 08078652727.

  1. My downline in recharged N3000 two weeks ago and uploaded proof of payment, but have not seen the money to purchase the renewable energy to make profit from instead he was not allowed to login too. Why are we allowed to deposit money when they know that they select those that are allowed to login and withdraw please?

  2. is a scam. When i funded my account with N15800 times two, N6800 and N3000 into nine places. They reduced all the investment to N3000 each and allowed me to make withdrawals for only four days after which they prevented me from logging in to make withdrawals or even see my earnings. Maybe one of them have taken over my account and added his or her own bank details to be withdrawing my money because there is no verification in their registration. Later they announced that those that cannot login should reopen their account. But when I was trying to do so, they said I should use another phone number because the one I entered is still in use. So they want me to fund a different account for them to seize again.. Well, every activity under the sun have a reward. I dont know who is withdrawing from my Schroders account for nearly one month now but God knows the person and will judge the matter.

  3. The person that is preventing well funded account members from kogin to gthdraw in planned it well from the formation of the company forgetting thau it is criminal. But am pleading that they should remember what unemployed people like me pass through to gather little money to invest and give equal treatment to members. Not extorting from some and paying some because there is no verification.

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