Quickcheck Loan App Review: Legit or Scam? (Deep Inner Look)

Before taking a loan on the Quickcheck Loan app, it is very important to know exactly how this platform works; their interest rates, customer reviews and most importantly legitimacy status (legit or scam).

Quickcheck loan app is undeniably one of the most popular loan apps in Nigeria grossing an approximate 1 million+ downloads on Google play store.

 Today we are going to be reviewing another popular Nigerian loan app on Google play store, Quickcheck. 

What is Quickcheck? 

Quickcheck loan app is another instant lending app that offers loans of up to 1,000,000 to Nigerians residing in Nigeria.  

With the Quickcheck loan app, you don’t have to go through all the trouble associated with getting a loan the traditional way (presenting a collateral, doing paperworks and the rest), as long as you are eligible with a good credit score, you can get a good loan amount from Quickcheck

Quicheck has been around since 2016, making it one of the oldest loan apps in the Nigerian Fintech industry. The loan app is available on Google play store and has garnered over a million downloads with numerous reviews. 

How Does Quickcheck Work

Quickcheck loan app works pretty much like the other loan apps, once you have downloaded the app from the Google play store, you will be required to sign up for the app with your details ranging from personal to bank details. 

Once you can access your Quickcheck loan app, you can apply for loans according to your loan limit. Quickcheck uses your credit score and the information you have given them to determine your loan limit. 

Your loan limit is how much loan the app is willing to lend you at that particular point in time. Quickcheck usually lends between N30,000 to N1,000,000. They offer business loans unlike other loan apps. On Quickcheck, you are allowed to pick the repayment plan that best suits you. 

Is Quickcheck Loan App Legit

Yes! The Quickcheck loan app is legit. As said before, the loan app has been around for about nine years and still counting, this only goes to prove its authenticity. Even more, not only has the app garden downloads spanning over a million on the Google play store, most of its users have had only nice things to say about the app on Google play store reviews. Quickcheck also has a rating of 4.5 stars on the platform; all these can only be a testament to its authenticity. 

How to Download and Get Started on Quickcheck

To apply for loans on Quickcheck, you would first of all have to get the app from Google play store. This is because Quickcheck only works via its app and does not operate on a website. 

How to Download Quickcheck

To get the Quickcheck app, open your Google play store app and search for “Quickcheck” using the search icon. Once your search results are out, if properly checked, Quickcheck will be the first app on the search result, click the “install” button under Quickcheck and wait for it to download and install automatically. 

How to Sign up On Quickcheck 

Once you have successfully downloaded and installed your Quickcheck app from the Google play store, the next step is to sign up on the app. Signing up on Quickcheck grants you access to their loans. 

To sign up on Quickcheck, follow these steps; 

1. Open the Quickcheck app on your phone

2. Click the “let’s start” button

3. Enter your mobile number, an OTP will be sent to this number so make sure you can access it

 4. Enter the OTP sent to your phone.

5. Create your pin (this is the pin you will be using to login on Quickcheck so make sure it’s something you can remember)

6. Enter your email address 

7. Grant Quickcheck access to the requested features on your phone by clicking (I allow), if your location is not turned on you will be required to turn it on 

8. Enter your BVN details and click “continue”

9. Choose your bank from the drop down list

10. Enter your bank account number. 

11. Enter the requested personal information (gender, address, and educational level)

12. Enter your employment status

13. Enter the requested details about your place of work (if you are employed) 

14. Enter your income and monthly expenditure details

15. Provide a relative who can be contacted on your behalf, click continue after you have done that and that’s it. 

How to Apply for Loans on Quickcheck

To apply for a loan on Quickcheck follows almost the same procedure as other loan apps, it is as simple as pressing some buttons on the app. 

To apply for loans on Quickcheck, follow these steps; 

1. Login to the app

2. On the home page click on the “apply now” button 

3. On the next page your calculated loan limit will be displayed, you can only apply for loans above N3,000 and below your low limit. 

4. Enter the reason need the loan in the provided box and click on “continue”

5. Choose your repayment plan; Quickcheck offers three different repayment plans. Keep in mind that the longer your loan tenure the higher the interest you will pay. 

6. After picking your loan tenure, click “continue” and wait for your loan to be approved or declined. If approved, your loan will be paid into the account number you provided during registration.

How to Repay Quickcheck Loan 

To pay back your Quickcheck loan, follow these steps; 

1. open your app and click on “Pay Now”. 

2. You will be asked to choose to make either partial or full payment, select your preferred option

3. You can make payment by selecting any of the following channels;

  • Debit Card: Select any of the debit cards you have saved to make payment
  • Bank Transfer/Cash Deposit: Transfer to your unique account details displayed
  • USSD: Use your bank’s code to make a transfer to your unique account details displayed. 

You will receive a notification as soon as your loan repayment status is updated.

Pros of Quickcash 

The following are the advantages of Quickcash over others; 

1. It offers both  high and low  loan amounts to suit your 

2. Quickcheck has flexible repayment plans 

3. It offers instant loans with no guarantors or collateral

4. The Quickcheck app has user friendly interface

5. Quick check loans are instant. 


The cons of Quickcheck are; 

1. Quickcheck offers a small amount of loans for first time user; as a first time user of Quickcheck, you can only borrow up to N15,000 

2. It functions just on the app and may not be available for people without access to the Google play store.

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Frequently Asked Q & A

Is Quickcheck loan app available on iphone?

No! Quickcheck is available for only Android users.

Is Quickcheck loan app legit? 

Yes! Quickcheck loan app is legit.

Who can borrow loan on Quickcheck? 

Anybody that’s Nigerian and living in Nigeria can get Quickcheck loans 

What is the interest rate on Quickcheck? 

A QuickCheck loan has interest rates starting from as low as 5% monthly on the first loan. Loans range from N3,000 to N1,000,000  with terms from 91 days – 1 year. Interest ranges from 2% – 30%, with an equivalent monthly interest rate of 1 – 21%. (APRs from 30% to 260%).

What happens if I don’t pay back my Quickcheck loan on time?

You are advised to take a QuickCheck loan only if you are certain of making a repayment on or before your due date. Late repayments attract extra charges which means you are expected to pay more than the initial amount if you don’t pay when due.

What happens if I fail to repay my Quickcheck loan?

When your loan is in default, you will be reported to the National Credit Bureau and this will deter your chances of accessing loans from us or any other financial institution.

Final Verdict

Quickcheck loan app is one of the longest lasting loan apps in the Nigerian Fintech market, it is legit and has been disbursing loans for several years. While most loan apps offer micro and personal loans, Quickcheck offers business loans. 

If you have been looking for where to get a good loan, Quickcheck should be your next trial. 

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