Quantumscape.Ltd Review: Legit Or Scam? [The Truth]

The latest investment platform in Nigeria is Quantumscape limited. Now I know you must be hyped about this investment platform but believe us when we say you need to go through this review before investing on Quantumscape.

Bhustle has carried out a very comprehensive investigation about Quantumscape and we are going to share all our findings about this platform in this article. In this article we shall answer the most disturbing questions on your minds. One is “Is Quantumscape legit or just another scam?”.

Note: Bhustle was not paid or under sponsorship from Quantumscape.Ltd to write this review. Be rest assured you will read an unbiased (non favouritism) article from Bhustle. We have your best interests at heart.

Please ensure to make use of the table of contents below to help you navigate through this article with ease. Without further ado, let’s dive into this.

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What Is Quantumscape.Ltd

So before we begin any appraisal or condemnations we need to first and foremost understand what exactly Quantumscape Ltd is. Quantumscape Ltd claims to be a battery company. By battery I mean car (motor) batteries.

Now according to them; 

QuantumScape is on a mission to transform energy storage with solid-state lithium-metal battery technology. The company’s next-generation batteries are designed to enable greater energy density, faster charging and enhanced safety to support the transition away from legacy energy sources toward a lower carbon future.

So to break things down, they are basically a car battery company. They develop/make batteries. And are looking for investors to help fund their company so as to continue operations. However, before you fall for this, I think you need to read our scam/Legit headline about this platform because you will definitely be surprised.

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How Does Quantumscape.Ltd Work

So Bhustle has reviewed a lot of sites like quantumscape.ltd and we must say they all have similar modes of operations. On Quantumscape, you first create an account and invest in a battery.

They have different battery types you can choose from. And based on the battery you chose to invest in, you will receive a daily return on investment (about 35%). The lowest battery cost is #2000 and judging by the calculations, users will earn #600 everyday from their investment.

The minimum withdrawal threshold is #1000. Therefore, users can withdraw their earnings as soon as they reach their withdrawal threshold of #1000.

Is Quantumscape Legit Or Scam?

Now, down to the very obvious elephant in the room, is Quantumscape Legit or scam? Quantumscape.Ltd is a scam. Bhustle will not sugarcoat the reality to deceive you. Their are battalions of redflags about Quantumscape that we found out and will be sharing with you now;

📌 The entire quantumscape.ltd website is a copy/duplicate of a battery company quantumscape.com. The original website “Quantumscape.com” is the real battery company and the way they sought for investors is by selling shares. If you want to partner with them you buy their company shares. On Bhustle we have written an article to show you how to buy company shares like quantumscape.

📌 The return on investment is completely ridiculous. Most ponzi schemes are known for promoting outrageous ROI’s in the face of their audience.

📌 The most assured way of earning money on Quantumscape.ltd is through referrals. And when a platform pays you more for referring than what they actually intend to do, then it’s possibly a ponzi scheme.

📌 When you buy/invest in a battery, your investment will be locked for a certain period of time. For the #2000 package, your investment will be locked for 60 days. This means you won’t have access to your earnings until after the 60 days. What makes you think they won’t fold before that time? This isn’t the first of such websites.

These are some of the massive set backs of Quantumscape.Ltd that we at Bhustle conclude is a huge scam.

🔥However, there are some comrades that love taking risks. If you so happen to be one of them and still want to test your magical luck potential on Quantumscape then you can proceed to the next headline to see exactly how you can sign up and get started on Quantumscape Ltd.

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How To Register On Quantumscape

If after going through this review, you have made up your mind to sign up for Quantumscape ltd then follow the guide below to create your account;

👉 Click HERE to proceed to the Quantumscape home page.

👉 On the Homepage, click on the button that says “Register Now“.

👉 Fill up the registration form that follows with your correct information. As for your telegram ID, you can input your phone number and proceed.

👉 After inputting your details, crosscheck and click on “SIGN“.

👉 Congratulations👏, you have officially created your Quantumscape Ltd account.

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Now that you have created your Quantumscape account, the next thing is to fund and invest in the battery of your choice. There are different battery options, simply follow the guide below to deposit (we urge you to start from the lowest which #2000). Invest what you can lose!

How To Deposit On Quantumscape.Ltd

👉 Login to your quantumscape.Ltd dashboard.

👉 Click on the profile icon at the bottom right of the screen.

👉 On the new page, click on the tab named ” Recharge“.

👉 Select the amount you want to recharge (from #2000 to #500,000 maximum).

👉 Click on “Submit“.

👉 You will be redirected to a payment form which includes their account details. Copy the details provided and make the transfer.

👉 Input the account number and name you (bank details) you used in making payment. This is primarily to verify your payment using your name and account number if coincidentally you have the same name with another user.

👉 Finally click on the blue “SUBMIT” button.

👉 Congratulations👏, you have successfully funded your quantumscape.Ltd account. Your deposit will reflect on your dashboard after a few minutes.

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NOTE: You are given a time lapse of about 600 seconds to make the deposit before another account number is generated. Ensure you place your deposit within the time range before it expires.

Now that you have funded your quantumscape account, the next thing to do is to invest in a battery. Follow the guide below to begin.

How To Invest In Quantumscape Batteries

👉 Login to your quantumscape account.

👉 Ensure you have the needed amount to invest. The minimum investment is #2000. If you don’t know how to fund your wallet, check the guide above.

👉 On your dashboard, you’ll clearly see a tab labelled “Investment Center“. Below this tab, you’ll see all the available batteries and their payouts. 

  • #2000 pays #600 daily
  • #5000 pays #1600 daily
  • #10,000 pays #3400 daily
  • #20,000 pays #7200 daily
  • #50,000 pays #19000 daily
  • #100,000 pays #40000 daily
  • #200,000 pays #90000 daily
  • #500,000 pays #250000 daily

All daily payments last for a period of 60 days (2 months). Simply select the investment of your choice by clicking on “Rent Now“.

👉 A small box tab will appear titled “Check Your Order“. Click on “BUY“.

👉 Congratulations 👏, you have successfully rented your first battery on Quantumscape.

This is exactly how to deposit and rent out your battery on Quantumscape.

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How To Withdraw Earnings On Quantumscape

👉 Login to your account.

👉 Click on the profile icon at the button right of your screen.

👉 Click on the tab titled “Withdraw“.

👉 Input the amount of money you want to withdraw (minimum withdrawal is #1000, Max. Withdrawal is #100,000).

👉 Finally click on “Submit“. 

👉 Your withdrawal will be placed within 24 hours. Furthermore there are no withdrawal charges.

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👍 For risk takers, it is still a very new platform. So the early birds might get good results.


👎 It is a fake/scam duplicate of another legitimate company (quantumscape.com).

👎 There are no real batteries that are being rented. It’s all fake.

👎 Many people will lose their investment. Mostly the late comers.

👎 It is centred around referrals. Hence, indicating the number sign of a ponzi scheme.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Quantumscape LTD Legit?

No, Quantumscape.Ltd is a fraudulent website. It was created to embezzle the funds of greedy people.

When Was Quantumscape.Ltd Launched?

Quantumscape was launched in June 2023. It’s still very new but doesn’t have the potential to last long.

Will Quantumscape.Ltd Crash?

Of course it will. Bhustle does not sugarcoat words. Give it time, the news of its sudden disappearance will be all over the net.

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Final Verdict

Bhustle rates Quantumscape.Ltd 0.7 out of 5 stars. This is because it is a very clear and obvious ponzi scheme. We also wish to notify you that whoever chooses to partake on Quantumscape does that at their own risk. This article is not financial advice.

Meanwhile, checkout some genuine platforms that reward you for working legitimately without any investments. Click HERE to gain access. Also feel free to ask your questions below.

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  1. It’s not legit because I register and recharge with 2k some days later I login and withdraw my income,I arranged everything in a correct way but my money did not drop ❌❌

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