Micron.Ltd Review: Legit Or Scam [The Truth]

So you stumbled upon some massive cashout screenshot from a platform called micron.ltd, and probably wondering if it’s legit or a scam. Well do not worry, because Bhustle has carried out a comprehensive research about Micron.ltd and all the facts about this website will be outlined in this article.

Note: Bhustle was not sponsored or under any partnership agreement with Micron.ltd to write this review article. We simply carried out our research and penned down our findings.

We will be addressing lots of questions about micron.ltd including; is micron.ltd legit? When was micron.ltd launched? How to make money on micron.ltd? How to withdraw earnings on micron.Ltd? And lots more which you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Feel free to make use of the table of contents below to enable you to navigate through this article easily. Also ensure to leave a comment down below if you have any questions or contributions.

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What Is Micron.Ltd

Micron.ltd is an investment platform where users can invest money for a period of time in hopes of making profit within a short period of time. Now this is basically what Micron.ltd is and exactly what goes on on the platform.

From the about us section of micron.ltd, they claim to be world leaders in providing solutions to problems regarding information. Below is an extract from the micron.ltd official website;

“We are a world leader in innovative memory solutions that transform how the world uses information. For over 40 years, our company has been instrumental to the world’s most significant technology advancements, delivering optimal memory and storage systems for a broad range of applications.”

Despite this, the main features of the micron.ltd website is the investment section. There is very little information about the nature of solutions they claim to provide and all that. Now that we have seen what micron.Ltd is, let’s see how micron.ltd works.

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How Does Micron.Ltd Work?

The way micron.Ltd works is very straightforward. First and foremost interested users create a free micron account. They are rewarded a free ₦200 sign up bonus. 

They then fund their micron account (a minimum of ₦2000) with the intention to buy micron investments. The least micron.Ltd investment is worth ₦2000 and yields a 25% return on investment daily for a period of 30 days. In other words, you get paid ₦500 daily for 30 days on a ₦2000 investment. There are other higher investment plans with higher ROI’s (Return On Investment).

The minimum withdrawal limit on micron.ltd is ₦1000. This means that when users have earned an accumulated ₦1000 in earnings, they can place for withdrawals.

Now that we have seen what micron.Ltd is, let us settle the elephant in the room, is micron.ltd legit or a scam?

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Is Micron.Ltd Legit Or Scam?

The truth is that micron.ltd is a ponzi scheme. After carrying out our research. We discovered that micron.Ltd is a duplicate of another legitimate company, micron.com.

The original micron.com (we suspect) are the ones who are truly into problem solving for informational services. In terms of designs, the micron.ltd was designed to look almost identical to the micron.com platform. This shouldn’t confuse you because they are two entirely different platforms.

Furthermore, the owners of micron.Ltd are anonymous/unknown. However, the owners/founder of micron.com is known and visible on whois domain checker. This is yet another proof that micron.ltd is not a legitimate platform. Yes, some people are already making money from micron.ltd, but the possibilities of micron.ltd lasting for a long period of time is definitely not certain.

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How To Register On Micron.Ltd

To register/sign up on micron.ltd simply follow the steps below to get started;

👉 CLICK Here to proceed to the official micron.ltd registration form.

👉 On the demo dashboard, click on the profile icon at the bottom right of the page.

👉 On the login page, click on the Register text just below the password box.

👉 Fill up the registration form with your needed details including; your phone number, password and solving the captcha.

👉 Finally, click on the Register button below the form.

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Congratulations👏, you have successfully created your micron.ltd account. You will automatically be redirected to your dashboard where you can now have access to all inner features.

Now that you have created your micron.ltd account, the next step is to deposit and make money from micron through their investment options. 

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How To Deposit/Fund Your Micron.Ltd Account

To be able to invest in micron.Ltd you need to first deposit, follow the steps below to get started;

👉 Login to your micron account.

👉 On the menu tab below the earning balance, Click on the option “Buy Coins“.

👉 On the new page, select the number of coins you want to buy. 1 coin is equivalent to ₦1. Therefore 2000 coins represent ₦2000. After selecting the coin amount, click on Deposit.

👉 You will be redirected to a payment page (like the one below). Simply copy the account details provided and make a transfer of the amount you initially selected in the previous page.

👉 After successful payment, click on the blue button that reads “I Have Paid, Check Now“.

👉 Wait a few minutes, and your deposit will be reflected on your dashboard.

Congratulations👏, you have successfully made your first deposit on micron.Ltd, easy right? Now let’s see the steps involved in investing in micron and how you get paid.

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How To Invest On Micron.Ltd

To invest in micron.Ltd and make daily return on investment follow the steps below;

👉 Login to your micron.Ltd account. Ensure you have followed the steps above to place your deposit.

👉 On the dashboard (home page) scroll down to the micron investments business section. As seen below;

👉 There are 8 different micron investments, the first costs ₦2000 and yields ₦500 daily. The last (micron-8) costs ₦500,000 and yields ₦200,000 daily. Select the option of your choice by clicking on the yellow ” Invest Now” button as seen below;

👉 Confirm your investment/purchase by clicking on the blue “Buy Now” button on the tab that pops up.

Congratulations👏, you have successfully bought your first micron investment. You will start receiving your daily profits/returns from the following day after your purchase. 

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How To Make Money On Micron.Ltd 

There are two major ways to make money on micron.Ltd, they are; by buying micron investments and through referrals.

The investment method has been explained above. All you need to do is to fund your micron account and buy into a micron investment business. By doing so you will be eligible for daily return on investment depending on the investment type you bought.

The second and rather uncertain way is through referrals. Although micron.Ltd pays through referrals, they did not stipulate exactly how much you will earn when you refer new users/investors to their platform. However, some people have reportedly received earnings through the referral system.

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How To Withdraw Earnings On Micron.Ltd

So you have made some money on micron.Ltd and want your earnings settling in your bank account. Well follow the steps below to get started;

👉 Ensure you have reached the withdrawal threshold of ₦1000 before requesting for withdrawals.

👉 On your dashboard click on the “Withdraw” tab as seen below;

👉 On the withdrawals page, input the amount of money you want to withdraw and click on Submit.

👉 Fill the form that follows with your accurate banking information and await your payments.

👉 Payments will be made directly to your bank account within 24 hours.

Furthermore, there are no limits to the number of times you can withdraw in a day.

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👍 Very low withdrawal limit/threshold (₦1000).

👍Payments are made within 24 hours/48 hours at most.

👍 Very high return on investment (25% and above daily).


👎It is a ponzi scheme.

👎It might not stand the test of time/might eventually crash.

👎It is a duplicate of a legitimate micron.com company.

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Final Verdict

Bhustle rates micron.Ltd 1 out of 5 stars. This is because in all truth, it is a sketchy platform. However, some people will make money from micron.Ltd while many more will lose. For those willing to join micron despite this, we urge you to start with money you are willing to lose.

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Do not forget to ask your questions and leave your suggestions/contributions down in the comment section below, peace.


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  1. I invested into micron on the 7th of August 2023 with prove of payment..but yet to see the money in my micron account. I need the issue to be rectified immediately

    1. I invest into micron on the 2nd of august 2023 with prove of payment but yet to see my money in my acct . Pls i ned the issue tio b rectified immeidiately

  2. Micron is a scam, payment hass been showing processing since on the 7th of August. but they can accept deposit immediately. Dont invest your money there ooooo. Micron is a scam ooooo

    1. For real it has been processing since all this while it’s really a scam when we wanted to deposit it don’t take time it’s when we want to withdraw it now saying processing micron is a scam please don’t invest on micron

        1. Ogun go kill everyone of you in charge of that link , You will die poor, you will suffer till you all die a shameful death, return my money or You loose your life, I promise you, don’t think that I don’t know your name oo, I don’t need it before I curse you, so far , you walk on the sand and you are receiving air , just watch and see

          1. Sorry for your experience Sir, but kindly go through this review again. As explained BHUSTLE is in no way connected to the makers of micron. Neither do we know whom they are. All if which we have explained IJ this review article. We urge you to go through our article before commenting next time.

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