How To Register On [Sign Up Process]

In this guide article, we will be taking you through the step by step guide on signing up on including how to make money, invest and withdraw your earnings. Therefore, if you are having some difficulties with signing up, depositing or withdrawing your earnings, then this article is for you.

Note: Before we proceed we strongly urge you to go through our honest review of investment website. As a non associate partner of, we urge you to know about this company before investing.

Feel free to make use of the table of contents below to enable you to navigate through this article easily. If you have any questions or contributions, do ensure to leave them in the comment section below. Without that said, let’s get started!

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How To Register On

To sign up and register on follow the steps below;

👉 CLICK HERE to proceed to the sign up form.

👉 On the Login form as seen below, click on register.

👉 Fill up the registration form with your accurate details including your desired username, mobile number and password.

👉 Finally, click on REGISTER.

Congratulations👏, you have successfully created your account. You will automatically be taken to your user dashboard. As an incentive, you will receive a free ₦500 sign up bonus in your dashboard.

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How To Recharge Your Goldmansach Account

To recharge your Goldmansach account, follow the steps below;

👉 Login to your account.

👉 On your dashboard, click on DEPOSIT as seen below;

👉 On the next page, input the amount if money you want to deposit. The minimum deposit amount is ₦1,500. Then click CONTINUE.

👉 Finally, you will be taken to the payment form as seen below. Simply copy the bank details provided and make a deposit/transfer of the amount you wish to fund your account.

👉 After a successful payment, input your name (as appears on the bank you used to make the transfer) and click SUBMIT PAYMENT.

Congratulations👏, you have successfully made your first deposit on, your account will be funded after verification from the administrators.

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How To Invest In

Investing in any of the plans on is the primary way to earn money on this platform. To invest, follow the steps below;

👉 Login to your account.

👉 On your dashboard click on the invest button below the screen as seen below;

👉 You will be taken to the investment page which contains 9 different investment plans ranging from Level 2 to Level 10.

👉 Some of the plans include;

🔥 ₦3000 to earn ₦27797.2 (35 days duration)

🔥 ₦6000 to earn ₦59497.2 (35 days duration)

🔥 ₦10,000 to earn ₦90972 (35 days duration)

🔥 ₦20,000 to earn 181944 (35 days duration)

👉 To invest in any of the plans, click on BUY PLAN as seen below;

Congratulations👏, you have successfully made your first investment on goldmansach. Your daily returns will be disbursed hourly into your account. That means, you will be paid after every one hour for about 35 days.

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How To Make Money In

There are two major ways to make some money on investment website. The first is by purchasing any of the crypto bots in their investment page. The way this works is very simple, the user gets paid an hourly commission for a period of 35 days. So for any plan you purchase, you will be paid after every one hour for 35 days. This is the primary and main way to earn money on goldmansach.

For example, if a user purchases the most basic plan which costs ₦3000, he/she will be paid ₦33.3 every hour. This equates to ₦799.92 in a day and approximately ₦27997 after 35 days.

The second way is through their affiliate/referral network. Goldmansach gives you a little commission whenever you invite new users/investors to their platform.

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How To Withdraw Earnings On

To withdraw your earnings on goldmansach follow the steps below;

👉 Login to your goldmansach.PTO account.

👉 On your dashboard click on the withdraw button as seen below.

👉 Fill up the form on the withdrawal form with your account number and bank as seen below. Also input the amount of money you wish to withdraw.

👉 Click on validate account to confirm the bank details provided and proceed with your withdrawal.

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Congratulations👏, you have places your first withdrawal on goldmansach. The minimum withdrawal amount is ₦500, so ensure your available balance sums up to ₦500 before requesting withdrawals. Your withdrawal will be sent to you within 24 hours of your withdrawal request.

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Final Verdict

Finally we urge interested people to only register on with money they are willing to lose. Also do ensure to go through our legitimacy review of in case you wish to know more about this platform before making any financial decisions. Do ensure to thread wisely!

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Kindly leave your questions, contributions or confusions in the comments box below, peace.


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