How To Register On [Step By Step Guide]

In this article we shall be taking you through the step by step guide on how to register on Geniusscamp. So if you are having difficulties with signing up, funding, making money and withdrawing your earnings on Geniusscamp, then this article is for you.

Note: Bhustle is not under any sponsorship deal from to write this review article. We simply carried out our research and penned down our funding.

We also urge you to go through our review on geniusscamp before making any financial decisions on geniusscamp.

We urge you to make use of the table of contents below to navigate through this article easily. Also do ensure to ask your questions and leave your contributions down in the comment section below. Without further ado, let’s begin!

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How To Register On

To register and get started on, follow the guide below;

👉 CLICK HERE to proceed to the geniusscamp sign up/registration form.

👉 Fill up the form with your accurate details including your phone number and password as seen below;

👉 Finally click on REGISTER.

Congratulations👏, you have successfully created your geniusscamp.con account. You will automatically be redirected to your account. Additionally, a free ₦200 sign up bonuses will be allocated to you. Now to earn, follow the steps below to start earning.

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How To Make Money On Geniusscamp

There are two major ways to earn money on geniusscamp. The first is through the geniusscamp “camp” investments. There are 10 different investment plans on geniusscamp, the cheapest costs ₦2000 and generates ₦500 daily for the investor, while the most expensive costs ₦2,000,000 and generates ₦520,000 per day. Earnings from the investors purchase can be withdrawn anytime and any day.

The second way to earn on geniusscamp is through their referral program. Geniusscamp pays about 10-30%  referral bonus to their affiliates. 

In either way, you are advised to thread with serious caution on geniusscamp because the platform has its flaws, especially when inviting new people to join under you/with your link.

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How To Deposit/Fund Your Account

So it’s common knowledge that you need to first deposit/fund your geniusscamp account before investing. Follow the steps below to get started;

👉 Login to your geniusscamp account.

👉 Click on wallet at the bottom right of the screen as seen below;

👉 On the profile page, click on DEPOSIT.

👉 On the deposit page, input the amount of money you want to deposit (minimum investment amount is ₦2000) and click on Deposit as seen below.

👉 On the next page as seen below, select “Automatic Transfer” and continue.

👉 You will be automatically redirected to the payment page/form as seen below. Copy the banking details provided and make the transfer of the amount you want to deposit.

👉 After a successful payment, click on “I Have Made The Payment“.

Congratulations👏, you have successfully made your first deposit on geniusscamp. Your deposit will be reflected on your dashboard after it has been validated by the admins.

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How To Invest On Geniusscamp

Now that you have funded your geniusscamp account, the next step is to invest in any of the available “camp” investment and start earning. Follow the steps below to get started;

👉 Login to your geniusscamp account.

👉 In your dashboard as seen below, there are 10 different investment plans. Simply go through these plans and click on the investment of your choice.

👉 To purchase an investment click on the blue PURCHASE button as seen below;

👉 The minimum investment amount is ₦2000 while the most is ₦2,000,000. 

Congratulations👏, you have made your first investment on geniusscamp. Your daily reward will be updated on your dashboard exactly 24 hours after your investment purchase.

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How To Withdraw Earnings On

To withdraw your accumulated earnings on, follow the guide below;

👉 Login to your geniusscamp account.

👉 Click on the wallet icon at the bottom right of the screen.

👉 On your profile page, click withdraw as seen below;

👉 On the withdrawal form, input the amount if money you want to withdraw. Also fill up the form with your banking details as seen below;

👉 Finally click on WITHDRAW.

Congratulations👏, you have made your first withdrawal on geniusscamp. Your payment will be made within 24 hours of your withdrawal request. Withdrawals can be made 24 hours a day between Monday to Sunday. Finally, a 5% withdrawal fee is charged on all withdrawals.

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Final Verdict

With all that has been said, we sincerely urge you to tread cautiously on Schroders. Also do ensure to go through our honest review of the platform.

For the record, ensure to invest money you are willing to lose on Schroders. Because despite all gloomy earning promises, there are still some shady business going on in the background.

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  1. Please I purchased the 2,000 Naira package on Genius Camp but it has passed 24hours now and I have not gotten the 500 naira daily income, I am sure I followed the right steps, please can I get a helping hand? What should I do please, hope Genuis Camp is not a scam.

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