How To Register On [Step By Step Guide]

In this article we are going to show you the complete step by step registration process on So if you are facing challenges with signing up, funding your account and withdrawing your earnings on betkfc, then this article is for you.

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Before you dive headfirst into the world of, we urge you to pause and check out our genuine and unbiased review of Our team at Bhustle has been on the front lines, exploring as enthusiastic consumers. We share our personal experiences and insights with complete honesty, so you can make an informed decision.

But hey, let’s cut to the chase. We’re here to make your life easier, so we’ve provided a handy table of contents below. Use it to navigate through this article effortlessly and get ready for an adventure like no other.

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How To Register On 

To register and get started on kindly follow the steps below;

👉 Click HERE to proceed to the official sign up page.

👉 Select your current country of residence and click on OK.

👉 Fill up the sign up form with your accurate information including your email address, phone number, password and captcha code.

👉 The captcha code is simply the text/digits in the patch as seen below.

👉 Agree to the terms of service and click and SIGN UP.

Congratulations 👏, you have successfully created your account. You will automatically be redirected to your user dashboard. Ensure to use a password you can easily recall so as to avoid sign up problems later.

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Follow the steps below to deposit and start playing on

How To Deposit/Recharge Your Account 

To fund your betkfc account and start playing games on this platform kindly follow the steps below;

👉 Login to your betkfc account.

👉 On your dashboard click on the red icon beside your earning balance as seen below;

👉 On the deposit page as seen below, select the amount of money you wish to deposit on this platform. The minimum deposit amount is N2000.

👉 Check the box that reads “Do not participate in promotions”, proceed to click on “DEPOSIT N****“.

👉 Click the blue CONFIRM TO PAY button on the mini pop up tab as seen below;

👉 You will automatically be redirected to the payment page as seen below. Copy the account details provided and make a one time transfer of the amount you wish to deposit.

👉 After a successful transfer, click on I HAVE PAID, CHECK NOW and proceed back to your betkfc account.

👉 Your deposit will automatically be reflected on your dashboard after your deposit has been confirmed. This usually takes less than 5 minutes.

Congratulations 👏, you have successfully made your first deposit on the platform. You can now proceed to play games on this game website.

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How To Play And Earn On

The first and largely considered the ‘easiest’ game on betkfc is Mines. We are going to be showing you how this game works and how you can play it. Don’t worry we have also included pictures and videos to help your learning process.

👉 First and foremost log into your account.

👉 The mines game is located under the section tagged “in-house“. Click on it.

👉 This is what the game interface of Mines looks like;


The way this game works is very easy. Hidden under those boxes are diamonds and bombs. You are expected to pick the boxes with diamonds. The more diamond boxes you unlock, the more money you win. Alternatively, if you pick a box containing a bomb, you will lose automatically.

Those curved edged boxes below the mine games with numbers like “1.03,1.05,1.11 etc” indicate how much you are winning. This is known as the game odd.

Now let’s assume I pick the first box right (which means I picked a box containing a diamond) you’ll notice a red tab across the first game odd. So if the first game odd is 1.05, it means your staked amount multiplied by 1.05 is your earnings.

So assuming you staked ₦100 and picked the first correct box, your earnings will become ₦100×1.05 which equates to ₦105. The more you pick the correct boxes, the more the odd value increases.

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How To Withdraw Earnings From

Once you have won at least ₦2000, you will be eligible to make a withdrawal. If you fall into this category, follow the steps below to withdraw your earnings:

👉 Login to your betkfc account.

👉 Click on the red icon besides your earnings balance. See image below;

👉 On the new form, ensure the yellow tab s set to “Withdraw” and not “deposit”.

👉 Input the amount of money you want to withdraw under the tab “*Amount“.

👉 Click on “*Withdraw to“. Fill the form that follows with your accurate bank details and click on “Save“.

👉 Finally click on “Withdraw“.

👉 Your earnings will be sent to you between 5-10 minutes.

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What Is is a website where you can play games and bet on casinos. Just like other betting sites, it promises that you can win a lot of money. One good thing about betkfc is that they pay out your winnings quickly, usually within 5-10 minutes.

However, before you decide to join, there are some important things you should know. Luckily, Bhustle has reviewed and found a few problems with it. You can read the review to learn more. If you’re having trouble playing certain games on betkfc, you can click the link below to get tips on how to play some of the popular games.

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Overall, is an online gaming platform where you can win money. It pays out quickly, but there are also some issues you should be aware of. Check out the Bhustle review for more details, and if you need help with specific games, click the link below for game-playing tips.

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Final Verdict

As earlier emphasised, is a recently launched betting website, and we expect that many people who joined early will withdraw their winnings and make a decent amount of money.

However, it’s important to remember that there are some flaws in the betkfc platform, as we mentioned in our review. Make sure to read the review to learn more about these issues and decide if it’s the right platform for you. Also there are many new platforms like and BBRFUN now launched. Check them out on HERE and remember to gamble wisely.

Finally, feel free to ask your questions or confusions down in the comment section below.

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