Beebike.Tv Review: Legit Or Scam? [Truth Revealed]

So you probably must have seen a whole lot of hype about beebike.TV earnings platform. Well, do not worry because in this article, we shall be revealing the inner details about beebike.TV which you don’t get to see on social media. Therefore we urge you to pay rapt attention to this review guide.

Note: Bhustle is not under any partnership/sponsorship deal from to write this review article. We simply carried out our research and penned down our findings.

As explained earlier, we will be addressing questions such as; Is legit? When was launched? Has crashed? How to make money on How to withdraw earnings on And so much more!

Kindly make use of the table of contents below to enable you to navigate through this article easily. Also ensure to drop your questions or contributions down in the comment section below. Without further ado, let’s begin!

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What Is Beebike.Tv

Beebike claims to be a shared cycling organisation that is bent on reducing environmental pollution caused by exhaust of vehicles and ease transportation. Simply put, they rent out bicycles to the public. Now this sounds a bit interesting because they claim to do this in a really impressively advanced manner.

Like fuel stations, they claim to have several bicycle stations, where users can park and rent bicycles. The payment made depends on the length of the journey made by the renter. We have gotten an extract from their about us page below;

“Our shared bicycles are committed to providing users with convenient, low-carbon  environmentally friendly travel methods. As a leading shared bicycle company, we are committed to improving urban traffic congestion, reducing vehicle exhaust emissions,  and providing users with convenient  fast green travel options.

Our shared bicycles have the following features  advantages:

1. Efficient  convenient: We have a certain number of shared bicycle parking spots in every corner of the city,  users can easily browse bicycles. Through our mobile application, users can view available bicycles nearby and easily scan a code to unlock a ride.

2. Environmental friendliness: Shared bicycles are a clean means of transportation that do not produce exhaust pollution. By riding shared bicycles, users help reduce air pollution and noise pollution, contributing to the city’s environment.

3. Affordable price: We provide flexible billing methods,  users can pay according to the actual driving time. Compared with private bicycles  taxis, the rent of shared bicycles is economical, allowing users to enjoy convenient travel services at a lower cost.

In addition, we also pay attention to managing the quality  quantity of shared bicycles. We regularly overhaul the bicycles to ensure their safe, reliable condition,  increase and decrease the number of parking spots when necessary to meet the needs of users.”

Aside from all the promising dreams on, is this platform legit? We will find out, but first let us quickly have a look at exactly how beebike works.

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How Does Beebike.Tv Work

You might think that involves renting out bicycles as we saw earlier on, but that is far from reality. is a pure investment platform. The working process includes;

📌 New users signing up and creating their free accounts.

📌 These users then proceed to recharge or fund their beebike account to enable them invest.

📌 After successfully depositing, they can now invest in any of the available investment plans on beebike.

📌 Depending on the type of investment plan they chose, they earn as much as ₦500 to ₦10,000 per day from their investment profits.

📌 These profits can be withdrawn after reaching the minimum withdrawal threshold of ₦2000.

And this is the cycle of an average investor on beebike. Although there are other ways to earn money on beebike such as through referrals, the investment plan is the primary source of revenue on this platform.

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Is Beebike.Tv Legit Or A Scam?

Despite the massive payouts is not a legitimate platform. As a matter of fact, it is a ponzi scheme. We are quite aware that a lot of people might oppose this review because of a successful withdrawal, however, here are some of our reasons for this verdict;

📌 is a duplicate of a legitimate bicycle business in Finland (

📌 The domain name does not have an SSL certificate hence rendered unsafe by GOOGLE.

📌 The owners/founders of are anonymous (unknown).

📌 depends on referral marketing (promotion). Hence, it is a ponzi scheme.

These are some of the solid points why we came to the final verdict that is not a legitimate platform. Yes, they might be making successful payouts now, but we strongly doubt if they will continue doing so in the long run.

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How To Sign Up On Beebike.Tv

To sign up on,simply follow the steps below to get started;

👉 CLICK HERE to proceed to the Beebike sign up page.

👉 Fill up the registration form with your accurate details as seen below;

👉 After filling up the form, click on CONTINUE.

Congratulations👏, you have successfully created your account. You will automatically be redirected to your dashboard.

As a new member, a free ₦1000 sign up bonus will be deposited in your beebike account as seen below;

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How To Make Money On Beebike

The primary way to earn money on beebike is through the investment plans. Users earn daily profits directly to their beebike account on a dauky basis. Follow the steps below to get started;

👉 Login to your account.

👉 Click on the icon below;

👉 You will be taken to the investment page. Go through the various investment plans and make your choice of investment.

👉 Click the plus sign beside your chosen investment. On the pop up bar that shows click on BUY NOW.

Congratulations👏, you have successfully made your first investment on beebike. You will receive your payment hourly. For the Level 0 plan which costs ₦1000, you will earn ₦2.08 per hour. Higher investments result in higher earnings o’er hour.

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How To Recharge Your Beebike Account

To recharge/fund your beebike account, follow the steps below;

👉 Login to your account.

👉 Click on the recharge button at the top of the screen as seen below;

👉 On the recharge page, select the amount if money you want to deposit. The minimum deposit amount is ₦2,500 while the highest is ₦800,000. Then click on CONTINUE.

👉 On the Pay Order page, click on Pay 1 and Continue.

👉 You will be taken to the payment form as seen below. Simply copy out the account details provided and make a transfer of the amount you want to deposit. 

👉 After a successful payment, click on “I Have Made The Payment” as seen above.

Congratulations👏, you have made your first deposit on, your deposit will be reflected on your dashboard after your payment is validated by the Admins.

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How To Withdraw Your Earnings On Beebike.Tv

👉 Login to your account.

👉 Click on withdraw at the top of your home page as seen below;

👉 Fill up the withdrawal form that follows with your accurate details. Include your bank, bank account number and the name on the account.

👉 Click on CONTINUE to continue with your withdrawals.

The minimum withdrawal amount on is ₦700.

Note: You must invest in at least the minimum plan on beebike to be able to withdraw your earnings. This is compulsory.

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👍 High daily profits from investment.

👍 Low withdrawal threshold (₦700).

👍 High referral rewards/bonuses.


👎 It is a ponzi scheme.

👎 The owners are anonymous.

👎 It is centred around referral based marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Was Launched?

Beebike was laughed on the 18th of July, 2023 according to whois domain checker. It is still a very young website if our sources claim are accurate.

Has Beebike Crashed?

As at the time if writing this review article, is still very much active. However, we will keep you listed on further development about beebike and its prior existence.

Who Owns

Unfortunately, the owners of are anonymous. There is currently no information about them on the internet.

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Final Verdict

Finally we urge interested people to only register on with money they are willing to lose. Always remember that as long as the missing items dictated in this article about beebike are not stipulated, it remains a ponzi scheme. Do ensure to thread wisely!

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Kindly leave your questions, contributions or confusions in the comments box below, peace.


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